This is the EXACT date you should invest in your child’s winter coat - and it's a shopping game-changer

Experts reveal the perfect time to be buying your child's winter coat

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Experts have revealed the EXACT date that you should invest in your child's winter coat - and it's a shopping game-changer.

It's not just the best pram or the best educational toys that parents might be considering buying this autumn. 

With the seasonal weather all mixed up, bringing unexpected spells of warmth when it's supposed to get cooler and vice-versa, it's hard to determine when is the best time to snap up the all important winter coats for your kids.

But there's a genius calculation that will help guide you so that you don't leave it too last minute, resulting in your child hardly getting any wear before they suddenly grow out of it .

Celia Muñoz, Founder and Creative Director at La Coqueta has done all the reckonings for you and she tells, "We averaged the last five years of data and saw that the best day to ensure you have purchased your child's winter coat by is the 16th of November. This was the date from which the average temperature dropped below 10C for at least 30 days.”

She explained, “As adults, we can withstand chillier temperatures far better than children, so 10C might seem like ‘jumper and a light jacket’ weather, but for our little ones, it feels far colder, so preparing their winter wardrobes ahead of time is a priority.”

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She explained that it's important to know when the right time is so that parent's can plan ahead and be fully prepared for when the temperatures really start to dip.

Celia added, “As we all know, British weather is often full of surprises, and there is nothing worse than waking up to a frosty morning and not having the right clothing to send your child off to school or nursery in.”

Celia has also shared her top tips for choosing a suitable winter coat for your children. 

“When looking to purchase a good quality winter coat for your child, I would recommend opting for a coat made of wool,” she advised.

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“Wool is great at keeping warmth in and keeping the cold out, so it is the perfect option for keeping your child comfy and cosy throughout the winter. Whilst it might be a little more expensive, it is likely to last much longer and provide much more warmth than coats made from synthetic materials.”

“I would also recommend a coat with pockets, they’ll be perfect for keeping little hands warm and storing gloves as we move further into the winter. Likewise, a hood is also a great addition to any winter coat for keeping ears warm and also as an additional layer over the top of a woolly hat!”

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