Tyson Fury's kid’s names are so unique - this baby name expert shares their individual meanings and reveals which one is set to soar in popularity

Tyson and Paris have certainly opted for unusual monikers

Tyson and Paris Fury
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Tyson Fury's kid's names really stand out from the crowd - a baby name expert delves into the meaning behind the unusual monikers, revealing which one you'll hear more of as it grows in popularity.

Tyson Fury has four non-negotiable family rules he lives by, favouring traditions that some might consider out of date. Tyson Fury's wife, Paris, shares his parenting values, and the pair have been together since they were just 14-years-old, having married at the equally tender age of 17. Forever in and out of the limelight while he swings between retirement from boxing and returning to the ring, the public have an enduring fascination with the lives of the Gypsy King and his family.

The couple share seven children together, and Paris has revealed that calling all their sons the same name was 'really cool,' but has unsurprisingly led to complete chaos. Having emerged from retirement once again and with a penchant for unusual names for his kids, people are wondering what all seven are called. We spoke to baby name expert Sophie Kihm, who is also Editor-in-Chief of Nameberry. She delves into the meaning behind each child's name, offering insight into which one is set to soar in popularity this year.  

The Fury girl's names follow a theme, but as Kihm tells us "All of the Fury sons technically have the first name Prince, which Tyson has said is because "I'm a king and they're princes until they earn their rightful name." The boys mostly go by their middle names, which are less coordinated than those of their sisters." 

Tyson Fury's kid's names

  • Venezuela. Kihm told us "This is a Spanish name that means 'little Venice'. It’s a South American place name, inspired by the country. In fact, all of the Fury daughters have place-related names, which links them to their mum, named Paris."
  • Valencia. "Second daughter, also has a name with Spanish roots. Valencia is a city in Spain as well as the country of Venezuela, giving it an added connection to her older sister’s name. Valencia is derived from a Latin root meaning 'strength'".
  • Athena. "The youngest Fury daughter is named Athena, which is a Greek mythological name. Athena - the goddess of wisdom and warfare, among others things - was named after the Greek city of Athens, making this somewhat of a place name as well."
  • Prince John James. "These are two very classic English names with biblical roots. John means 'God is gracious' and James means 'supplanter'. Of all the Fury children, John James has the most traditional middle names. He goes by his legal first name Prince, while his brothers go by their middle names.
  • Prince Tyson II. "Traditionally, he would not be a II since he does not share the same first and middle name as his father, but there are no legal rule around this. Paris and Tyson were originally going to call this son Tyson but they came to the nickname Tutty to avoid confusion with his father. Tutty has no real meaning or origin."
  • Prince Adonis Amaziah. "The third Fury son goes by Adonis, which is a name from Greek mythology meaning 'lord' via the Semitic Adonai. The mythical Adonis is considered the ideal of masculine beauty and in modern times is used as a term for a handsome man. Amaziah is a biblical name of Hebrew origins meaning 'God strengthens'. It is visually similar - though etymologically unrelated - to the word 'amazing', which may have influenced the Furys."
  • Prince Rico. "The youngest Fury is a son named Prince Rico, who was named after Tyson’s cousin who was tragically murdered in 2023. Rico is a Spanish and Italian nickname, traditionally short for names like Ricardo or Enrico. When derived from Ricardo, Rico means 'dominant ruler'".

Sophie Kihm also gave us her expert opinion on which Fury-inspired name is set to see a rise in popularity. She tells us "Most of the Fury children’s names are too unusual to appeal to mainstream parents. Venezuela and Amaziah don't even rank within the England & Wales Top 1000, and are unlikely to catch on. But one of the Furys’ baby names is rising in popularity in the UK." 

She adds "Athena - up 49.8% between 2021 and 2022, ranked #124 - Athena is right outside of the Top 100 in England and Wales and increased in use by almost 50% the year after the youngest Fury daughter was born - perhaps influenced by her birth. This Fury baby names taps into the rising trend of mythological names - choices such as Gaia, Persephone, and Apollo are also on the rise."

While we'll see more Athena's running around playgrounds, Kihm shares which Fury names we're less likely to see, adding "Prince is up 13.6%, ranked #561. This royal title first name with surely get a lot of exposure with the Fury’s new Netflix series! Prince is not particularly common in England, but it’s rising in use along with other title names like Saint and Princess. I imagine some parents will use Prince for their sons, taking inspiration from the Furys - although not going so far as to use as a first name for each baby boy!"

The expert continues "Rico - up 13%, ranked #665 - Nicknames that start with R are trending right now for boys. Names like Raffi, Renzo, Ronny, and Rocky were among the fastest-rising boy names in England and Wales for 2022. Parents searching for a rare but familiar R nickname for their sons - perhaps with ties to Spanish or Italian heritage - will likely be drawn to Rico.

John and James have been common names for so long, they are unlikely to be influenced by pop culture. Adonis and Tyson fell in popularity between 2021 and 2022 and Valencia remained stable."

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