Paris Fury says calling all of her sons the same name was ‘really cool’ but has led to a lot of chaos

"It's awesome until the doctor calls up!"

Tyson and Paris Fury
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Paris Fury has revealed that while she still believes calling all four of her and husband Tyson Fury's sons the same name was a ‘really cool’ idea, it has led to some chaos in their daily lives.

Welcoming their seventh child earlier this year, Tyson and Paris Fury carried on their family tradition by naming the baby boy Prince. The newest addition to the family became the fourth son with the name, meaning all of the couple's sons share the same name. 

The couple are big fans of unique baby names. In their documentary At Home With The Furys, viewers were welcomed into the £1.7m mansion they call home and introduced to their brood; Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, 10, Prince Tyson II, six, Valencia, five, Prince Adonis, four and their sixth child Athena, aged two. 

Revealing the name of baby number seven in an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine earlier this month, Paris shared that they chose the name Prince Rico Paris Fury to honour Tyson's late cousin, Rico Burton, who was tragically murdered in 2022.

So with four Princes in the home, does Paris still think that giving all her sons the same name was a good idea? She told OK! Magazine that she still believes it's 'really cool' that they share the name but has now admitted that it has caused some 'chaos' in their household - especially when it comes to booking appointments for the kids.

She revealed, "The reason he's called Prince - all the boys are called Prince. We've got Prince, Tyson, Adonis and now Rico, but they've got all the first name of Prince.

"It's really cool and it's really awesome until the dentist or the doctor calls up and says 'Can we talk about Prince please?' and I go 'Which one?' and they literally look and say 'It just says Prince Fury.'

"I like the name. All my kids have got unusual names and I like the name Rico. A good, strong name and he's named after his mum as well because Tyson said that'll be the last one - I don't know if it will!"

As a mum of seven, life is pretty hectic for Paris even without the added struggle of navigating their names. The 33-year-old revealed that she sometimes just 'muddles through life' as she 'juggles' all the kids but her 'can do attitude' is what gets her through. 

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine, she shared, "I juggle a lot and sometimes it doesn't go as smoothly as it looks but I have got a bit of a can-do attitude and I think 'I can do it, I will do it and yes, yes, yes'.

"That's sort of how I get though, sort of muddle through life." 

The TV presented pointed out that, while that might be the case, Paris appears like a very "calm" and "patient" parent. The mum laughed before adding, before adding, "I'm glad it comes off like that!"

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