Want to know more about suckling? Join the Big Breastfeeding Conversation livestream - here's all you need to know

Tune in to hear the good, the bad and the unexpected!

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With more than 90% of mothers saying they'd have been better prepared for breastfeeding if they had more information during pregnancy - you too can join the Big Breastfeeding Conversation live stream for a no-holds-barred look at suckling.

Whether you're pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, have just given birth or have school age kids, everyone can join in the conversation.

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Medela, which offers research-based solutions for breastfeeding mums and expert advice, surveyed more than 500 women to see how they really felt about motherhood prep and their results are quite telling.

So much so that they've organised a Big Breastfeeding Conversation live stream on their Instagram where expectant, new mums and other mums can share their experiences - without fear of being judged and learn a lot in the process.

Medela breastfeeding survey findings

  • 85% of mothers wished more people had discussed breastfeeding with them during pregnancy.
  • Over 90% of mothers shared that having more information during pregnancy, would have better prepared them for breastfeeding.
  • Worryingly, 90% of mothers asked felt there was not enough education around complications that can cause setbacks (such as tongue tie/mastitis)
  • However, 90% of women confirmed that even with challenges they have overcome, their breastfeeding journey has been rewarding.
  • Additionally, part of the recent survey revealed that 80% of pregnant women do have goals to breastfeed.

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A wide range of experts will be on hand to answer your questions; those confirmed to be joining the live stream on the day are; Sarah Teasdale, who will talk about pregnancy and preparing to breastfeed, Prof. Donna Gedders an expert and researcher in Human Lactation, Sophie the herbalist who will be discussing self care and nourishment - including breastfeeding diet, as a breastfeeding mum. After lunch, lactation consultant Sioned Hilton will be taking part in an expert Q&A. Then, Claudia (Hey the Closet) will advise on how to build confidence with breastfeeding followed by Xamdi Yana who will be sharing her experience of breastfeeding as a first time mum. 

To wrap things up, Annabel Fenwick Elliot discusses what she wished she'd been told about breastfeeding.

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