Frog bikes UK: Everything you need to know when considering buying a Frog bike for your child

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Frog bikes may have only been around since 2013 but the bike brand for kids has certainly made a name for itself in the last seven years.

Founded by couple Jerry and Shelley Lawson after they struggled to find a good bike for their own children, Frog bikes has since grown into a global business that has picked up awards worldwide.

But what are these innovative bikes for children, why are they so good and how much will one set you back?

What is a Frog bike and how does it differ from other bikes out there for kids?

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Frog Bikes are bicycles for kids that have been designed specifically with children in mind. The range spans from balance bikes all the way up to Road, Track and Mountain Bikes.

Dr Tom Korff, Head of R&D at the brand, explains what makes the bikes different from other brands: "Our bikes are not scaled down adult bikes, as children are not miniature adults. At Frog, we put the child into the centre and design our bikes around the child’s unique anatomy and his/her unique needs."

Children with their Frog bikes in the UK

"Everything from the bike geometry to the quality componentry has been expertly designed and selected to make a child's cycling journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible."

Frog bikes also adds: "Our R&D department are constantly making small improvements to ensure our bikes are the best they can be, often with no thought to cost. For example, our most recent development is to use high end, professional-level gear cables in all of our hybrid bikes.

"This is because such high-quality cabling reduces the friction when changing gear. This makes it a whole 35% easier to change gear. For little hands that aren't very strong, this makes a massive difference to their ability to use their gears and ultimately enjoy riding their bike."

Where are Frog bikes made?

Frog bikes is a British brand and the bikes are made in Britain. They were originally designed with renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis. Dimitris worked with the gold-winning Team GB cycling team before the 2012 Olympics!

All of the bikes (apart from the Tadpole Mini) are built at a factory in Pontypool, Wales. Plus, if you call the customer services team, you'll be speaking to someone based in Pontypool, too!

How heavy is a Frog bike and what ages is it suitable for?

With so many bikes on offer, you can find wheels for any child aged 1 to 14.

The weight of the bikes differs depending on the size.

A family group riding bikes

"We use lightweight aluminium frames to ensure the weight is as low as possible. However, there are times where we choose quality over weight saving. Cheaper components are often lighter as they are made from plastic. But this does not make them better.

"All of our bikes are produced with the highest quality, child-specific components to ensure the bike is tailored to the child in every way. This means they will last to be handed down to siblings or sold on once the child has grown."

Frog bike size guide

The most important thing when sizing up a bike for a child is to not go by how old they are or how tall they are. These are common mistakes. Children grow at different rates at different ages. So there's no 'one size fits one age' rule!

Frog bikes have a very handy bike sizing guide on their website here. They show you how to properly measure your child  and give you handy tips on things you need to consider when sizing a bike for your child.

You should also be careful not to fall into the trap of buying a bike for your child that they will 'grow into'. Here you risk buying a bike that's too big for your child at first that they will then struggle to learn on.

Two boys both on bikes

Can you put stabilisers on a Frog bike?

Simply yes, you can! Frog bikes offer stabilisers for their Frog 40 and 48 bikes.

"We recommend they are attached by a qualified bike mechanic to ensure they are fitted correctly."

While it is possible to attached stabilisers to a few of the Frog bike models, the brand actually recommends that you swerve them altogether. Instead, they suggest teaching your child to ride with a balance bike. Then build up to adding pedals when they are confident and ready.

"The better option would be a balance bike for a younger child or a first pedal bike with the pedals removed for an older child."

A little girl sits on a balance bike

This is because stabilisers don't teach children one of the hardest aspects of riding a bike - balance. Stabilisers also make it difficult for children to properly steer a bike and add unnecessary weight to the bike frame. Hence why Frog bikes suggest a balance bike for learning the cycle instead!

How much do Frog bikes cost?

Frog bikes range from £145 for a balance bike to £650 for a child-specific suspension Mountain Bike.

Thinking about buying a Frog bike now? To find out more about specific Frog bike models or buy a Frog bike for a child aged 1 - 14, visit their website here.

However, you can also buy fantastic second-hand Frog bikes. This is thanks to their great quality and the longevity in the design.

"Frog Bikes have fantastic resale value. They can be used by many children rather than ending up in a landfill after 6 months. So although you may need to spend a little more at the beginning you will not only be able to use the bike for siblings but you will not have any trouble selling it on after."

You can find an array of pre-loved, second hand Frog bikes on eBay. Some start from as little as £50!

Do try and see the bike in person before you buy it second-hand. You'll need to check the bike for general wear and tear. Make sure the tyres are in good condition and the brakes are working well too.

Your child might even want to have a go before you commit to buying it!

If the bike is aimed at slightly older children, it's worth asking the seller if it's ever been serviced. A kids bike can be taken to any local bike shop for a service. Ideally, you want a bike to be serviced at least once a year.  So if the bike is five years old and has never been serviced, it's worth keeping that in mind. Especially if haggling for the price!

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