Fruit snacks for kids: the best and worst revealed!

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  • We all know that fruits are sugary, but had you any idea that some of these fruity snacks were so very high in sugar? Some of the results are truly, positively, outrageous!

    We all try and sneak a little bit of extra fruit into our kids’ diets somewhere or other. Whether it’s in their lunchbox, as a car journey snack or a little after lunch treat, pre-packaged fruit snacks are a great way of squeezing more of your kids five-a-day into their diet.

    We all know that fruits are sugary, but had you any idea that some of these fruit snacks for kids were so, so high in sugar?!

    We can forgive the snacks which contain only natural sugars, but as for those with added sugar, well they’re not so sweet.

    We’ve taken a look at these popular fruit snacks for kids and pitted them against the guideline daily amounts for kids between the ages of five and 10. And some of the results are really surprising. You will never guess what comes out as the most sugary of all…

    Flick through our gallery and see which products shocked you the most. You might decide you’re better off just giving them a plain old apple after reading this…

    By the way, the nutritional information we’ve used in our round-up is per serving and the prices we’ve quoted are the best ones we could find on

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