GAP praised for new campaign that aims to normalise breastfeeding

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  • GAP clothing have received widespread praise after sharing an image of a breastfeeding mother from their new ad campaign on their Instagram account.

    The retail giant received over 42,000 ‘likes’ for the image, which shows a mother breastfeeding her child in a campaign photograph advertising the brand’s sleep shirts.

    [instagram][/instagram] Along with the sweet maternal image the brand wrote, ‘Love your forever favorite. Pima cotton and a secret soft wash make these sleep shirts the ones you’ll want to wear, keep, and love.’

    The brand quickly won praise all over the world online for using the natural image and doing their part to normalize breastfeeding. ‘Love this! 3 weeks postpartum and this helps me feel more confident with breastfeeding’ one mum wrote on Instagram, while another fan commented, ‘Thank you @gap for capturing a beautiful moment and making an incredible ad!’ ‘Proud to be a breastfeeding mami & thank you for showing more people just how beautiful it is!’ another delighted mother wrote on GAP’s official Instagram account.

    As well as winning the clothing brand a whole host of new fans and supporters, GAP also appears to have gained an army of new customers, with many mums pledging to visit the store after seeing the photo. ‘I haven’t shopped at Gap for years, this ad guarantees I’m making time to visit one’ one person commented on the photo, with another adding, ‘I want to buy their pajamas just to support their business now’.

    Another mum wrote, ‘Yes!!!! And what breastfeeding mama hasn’t searched high and low for some cozy jammies that allow for easy access? This pic alone markets the product itself. I want one in every color!’

    [instagram][/instagram] GAP’s photo featuring a breastfeeding mother isn’t the only part of their new campaign that has won the brand praise recently. The clothing retailer also gained lots of positive comments for the diversity of their new ad campaign which features ‘nine culture remixers, each with their own unique vibe.’