17 reasons why grandparents will ALWAYS be the best humans in the world

You'll always be welcome at your grandparents house

Grandparents are a gift to the world.

They're always in your corner, support you when you need it, and most importantly will give you enough food that you have to be rolled out of their house.

Sure, you may have to spend hours teaching them how to use a computer, or which remote controls the TV and which controls the DVD player but regardless of their quirks, they will always be brilliant, brilliant people.

And so, to celebrate everyone's favourite relatives, here is a round-up of why grandparents are truly a blessing. We bet you recognise a few of these from your own nan and grandad...

1. They always buy the BEST presents

It's not a gift from grandad if it's not completely over the top.

1. They always come to your defence when mum or dad shout at you

Nothing beats seeing your parents get in trouble with grandma or grandad.

2. The golden rule of grandparenting: When the grandchildren visit, they must be eating all the time

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3. They'll always happy to help out when necessary

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4. They remind us that true love exists

Image: Imgur Awwwww!

5. And they aren't afraid to act silly around one another

Image: Imgur Age is just a number.

6. They're unintentionally hilarious

7. Just because they're grandparents doesn't mean they don't know how to have a good time

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8. They will always be proud of your achievements and never stop cheering you on...

9. They're adorable when they try to get to grips with technology

10. And Facebook still remains a bit of a mystery

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11. But when they text, they do it WELL

12. Okay, so your birthday presents might not be exactly what you asked for, but grandparents always get an A+ for effort

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14. They're just plain honest

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15. And are always ready to surprise you

16. Grandparents, you will never stop being amazing!

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