10 things everyone who grew up in Britain will understand

If you didn't have a Blue Peter badge, who even were you?

There are some things that will always unify the British people. Whether it's outrage at the price of a chocolate Freddo or the age-old argument over how you pronounce "scone".

But thanks to the wonders of the Internet, people have been sharing their memories of growing up in Britain and it does not disappoint. From Art Attack to those prized Blue Peter badges, here are some of the best things we remember about growing up in Britain.

1. Blue paper towels that could heal all wounds

Whether it was broken leg, a headache, or your arm fell off, a damp paper towel made it all ok.

2. Art Attack

Art Attack taught us the valuable life lesson that you can never have enough PVA glue. The bit when Neil Buchanan made the massive art attack in a field was the highlight of every episode.

3. This same rumour that was told in every single school

No one ever knew who the mysterious child was. It was always someone from a "few years ago" or a friends cousin's cousin. Still it definitely stopped you swinging back on your chair!

4. This brutal injustice


It's a genuine tragedy. Gone are the golden days of 10p Freddos. But it also taught you the importance of inflation when you were 8 years-old.

5. Watching what was quite possible the best show on TV

It also gave you the unrealistic expectation that one day you could own a spotty plane and have adventures with your dog. Oh well, we can dream...

6. Every assembly started the same way.

Being selected to set up the projector and slide the hymn sheet down was the greatest honour in the whole school.

7. Angela Lansbury was never off our TV Screens

You always tried to figure it out first, but you could never beat Jessica Fletcher.

8. Wanting a Blue Peter Badge more than anything.

Everyone was jealous of the kid with a Blue Peter badge. You would sell your soul one for one. If you saved someone's life you'd even get a gold one!

9. Ant and Dec were better known as PJ and Duncan.

And every school disco played their song "Let's Get Ready To Rhumble".

10. And of course, everyone had this indestructible phone.

Even if it was just to play "Snake".

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