11 hilarious times kids didn't quite understand periods

Kids. They don't mean to embarrass us, but when it comes to understanding periods... That's ALL they do!

Oh, kids. They're inquisitive little souls, and when left to their own devices can find a way to play with anything... even your period paraphernalia.

Yep, no matter where you store them, tampons, panty liners, and even good old sanitary towels can provide hours of entertainment for your creative little ones.

When it comes to panty liners, the sticky side makes them perfect for sticking on greetings cards, faces, feet (you name it, they'll stick one to it).

And sometimes the fun starts even while you're actually using said tampon. As we're sure anyone who's had: 'Mummy, what's that string hanging out your bum?' asked at full volume while sharing the loo with your toddler will testify.

But worry not, you're not alone... as these hilarious moments prove. So the next time your little one decides to pull a period blooper while you're out in public, rest assured that you'll probably get some sympathetic smiles from fellow mums....

1. When they got bored in the bath...

Image: Imgur What a perfect 'fishing rod' that makes.

2. When they didn't believe that posh act for a second


Oh, the shame.

3. When they looked for batteries and found these instead...

A photo posted by on

You can kind of see where he's coming from with this, they DO fit?

4. When they just wanted something to play with


'my little one was quiet for hours with a jumbo box of tampons!'

5. When they got creative (and left mum cringing)


'Oh this is so funny. Julian drew a family portrait (forgot Mayanna and Arlyn) but I said to him "what's that red thing on me?" He said"that's your period". Bahahahhahahahahshahahaha'

6. When they said what we're all thinking...

Amen, kiddo.

7. When they enjoyed a brand new scent


'My little girl the other day playing with sanitary towels kept crying when I tried to take them off her.'

8. When they thought a panty liner was a make-up tutorial essential

Just look at the confusion in her eyes, she's not sure what it is or what it does but she continues with the tutorial anyway, unphased.

9. Actually, it's amazing how versatile panty liners can be...

We're sure he did love it, truly.

10. When they got a terrible first impression of tampons


'My 4 year old with her finger well and truly stuck in a (unused!) tampon applicator. It had to be cut off because the harder we pulled the more swollen her finger got!'

11. When they appeared to have taken up smoking


'My one year old appears to be smoking a tampon... Note to self... Always worry when they're quiet :-)'

Do you have any hilarious kids and periods stories? Did your little ones use tampons for sword fights? Tell us in the comments box below.


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