Parents criticise Holly Willoughby for ‘bragging’ Instagram post

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  • Holly Willoughby has been criticised by parents on social media, for sharing a post showing her daughter sporting the same designer trainers as Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

    The This Morning presenter is often praised for her relatable image, but after sharing an Instagram post that has been interpreted as ‘bragging’, the mum of three has annoyed more than a few parents.

    Holly took to Instagram to show off the comparison between her daughter and Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, by posting a split picture showing her daughter Belle posing with the same £400 trainers as Blue Ivy.

    In the post she noted that her child was wearing the Giuseppe Zanotti trainers to a birthday party on a farm, while Beyonce’s little girl was wearing them to the star-studded VMA awards.

    But what could be perceived as an innocent social media post has sparked fury among many parents who feel Holly is bragging about her child’s expensive clothing.

    Comments started flooding the TV presenter’s page with users asking ‘What’s wrong with a pair of wellies’ and ‘why would you spend so much money on a kids pair of shoes?’.

    Fans were not only surprised by the amount of money Holly had spent on the trainers, but also her choice to share the photo on social media.

    Followers posted comments such as ‘That’s not you Holly W. Ugly pair of shoes’ and ‘Don’t show off with ridiculously priced trainers Holly, for a child as well that will grow out of them in weeks and scuff them in seconds…Bragging wasn’t something I had you down for.’

    Holly’s choice to treat her little girl to the expensive footwear caused a divide on her page with plenty of fans arguing that if she has the money, it’s her choice what she does with it.

    One user wrote, ‘You all would if you could afford it’ with another agreeing, ‘Holly works for her money and chooses to spend it on nice things for her children…what’s the madness in that?’.

    Do you think £400 is a lot to spend on a child’s trainers? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.