I taught my daughter to tie shoelaces with this hack, and it only takes 4 easy steps

It's the easiest way to teach your kid to tie their shoelaces

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Teaching your child how to tie their shoelaces can be as frustrating for them as it is for you. Let's face it, there's no easy way to show them now to do it... or is there?

I stumbled on a shoelace tying hack by chance when I was trying to teach my (then five year old) daughter Daphne how do put on her shoes independently.

And amazingly, she picked it up straight away and even started showing her friends how to do it! Seriously, this is the best and easiest way to teach your kids to tie their laces, and it only takes a few minutes. 

If you're a fan of parenting hacks like this one to boost your child's reading skills, then you'll love this foolproof video, shared by TikTok user @missmegan03.

It's really easy to follow and has just four steps to success. Here's how to teach your kids to tie their shoelaces without the usual drama and tears....


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How to teach your kid to tie their shoelaces 

Step 1: Put the ends of your shoelace into the top hole on both sides.

Step 2: Make two loops with the laces.

Step 3: Cross one loop over the other and pull through. Repeat this step so that you have a secure double knot.

Step 4: Pull out the ends of your laces from each side of the top hole.

And it's that simple (well, after a few goes, of course). I also loved that I could play this video for my daughter so she could have a go independently while she tried to master the technique. Win win for both of us.

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