New parents are naming their babies after Instagram filters

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  • There could be a strange new baby name trend coming to a nursery near you, and it epitomises our twenty-first-century addiction to our mobile phones.

    Whilst to many the words Amaro and X-pro II are simply filters used to enhance the likability of your Instagram snaps, it seems a new generation of parents don’t see it that way.

    The trend for naming babies after Instagram filters is growing and we can’t help but feel this is the start of a new influence of social media.

    The names Lux, Valencia, Juno, Reyes, Ludwig and Willow have shot up the list of baby names for this year.

    Lux, technically a photo-enhancing feature, has grown in popularity for sons by 75% during the period from 2014 to 2015 with Ludwig second in popularity for little boys with a 42% increase and Amaro at 26%.

    The most popular picks for daughters have included Juno (up 30%), Valencia (up 26%), Willow (up 13%) on last year.

    Model Chrissy Teigen, wife of John Legend, who is currently expecting a baby, tweeted about the news; ‘John and I can’t wait to welcome little X-Pro II into the world.’

    No longer does Instagram provide many a pretty food picture to stare at and recipe idea to try, but now it inspires what we are choosing to name our families, too!

    The findings were made by the BabyCenter during the research for their most popular baby names of 2015, which surveyed more than 300,000 parents across the UK.

    With the rise of these Insta-babies it truly seems the power of the Internet is unstoppable. It was only in 2012 that a new mother, Lior Adler, named her son Hashtag after the universal Twitter symbol.

    Hashtag Jameson weighed 8lb and in an apparent conflict of interests her birth was announced on rival social media platform Facebook, whilst Egyptian Gamal Ibrahim actually did name his baby girl Facebook!

    What do you think – would you ever name your child after an Instagram filter? Or is this latest baby name craze one you won’t be trying? Let us know in the comments below!