'I know it will get easier in time' Izzy Judd shares VERY relatable parenting struggle

McFly's Harry Judd's wife really felt the struggle of the nursery drop-off.

Izzy Judd has taken to social media to share a struggle many parents are faced with when their little one starts to grow up - the difficulty of sending your baby off to nursery for the first time.

And living in the public eye doesn't mean things are any different, as proved by Izzy Judd who was struggling to send her daughter Lola off for her second day at nursery this week.

The wife of McFly drummer Harry Judd, who also happened to be celebrating her 34th birthday on the same day, shared a snap on Instagram, asking her followers to 'please wish us luck' as they prepared to part with their daughter for the morning.

She shared: 'Looking forward to some birthday treats today but please wish us luck for Lola's second day at nursery!'

She later updated her followers on how Lola's day went, revealing she thankfully arrived home to a 'happy girl'.

'Lola survived day 2 at nursery thanks to the wonderful teachers (who gave me a reassuring hug as Lola cried 'please stay mummy' when I walked out the room) I arrived back to a happy girl, I know it will get easier in time' she said.

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And fellow parents quickly reassured her that it will indeed get easier.

One said: 'So pleased Lola was alright at nursery. Just takes a little time for her to make those steps without mummy into the big wide world but she will be absolutely fine l,ace it in no time and you'll be wondering what all the worry was about'.

Another added: 'They have an inbuilt ability to cry or ask questions like that just at the point where you are fighting the tears over leaving them. Monkeys!!'

A third commented: 'Nursery is heartbreaking to start with - so glad you have lovely staff there to give you hugs x'.

While a fourth advised: 'I used to be a nursery school teacher. I promise it gets easier! Soon she'll make friends and love going!... Don't be too hard on yourself and try to remember you don't need to feel guilty. As soon as parents leave the room and they realize there's fun things to do, they forget all about being upset. I know it everyone says it, but its true. It's actually harder when the parents can't leave because it draws out the distress and take them longer to calm down. It gets better!'

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