Kate Middleton’s latest video is just one more reason why we love her

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  • Other than her amazing outfits and adorable family, one of the things Kate Middleton is best known for is her charity work.

    From BeatBullying to The Prince’s Trust, UNICEF to Sports Aid, the Duchess is always ready to lend her support to a good cause – and now she’s offering her help once again in a newly released video for children’s charity Place2Be.

    The two minute clip shows Kate clad in a blue dress, talking directly to the camera as she emphasises both her and William’s support for the UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week, which begins on 16th February.

    ‘The challenges facing children in the UK today can often feel overwhelming’, she explains. ‘Both William and I have seen that many young people are struggling to cope with the impact of bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown and more. ‘Without support, the effect of these challenges can be traumatic, leading to serious issues, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and self harm. The stigma around mental health means that many children do not get the help that they so badly need. This needs to change.’

    She continues with a plea for the nation to talk openly about children’s mental health, in order to break down the stigma that can exist around these issues.

    ‘No one would feel embarrassed about seeking help for a child if they broke their arm, and we really should be equally ready to support a child coping with emotional difficulties,’ she continues. ‘Through Place2Be, I have seen the benefits of offering children support for their mental health in the safety of the school environment.’

    Kate has worked with Place2Be in the past – here she presents Bailey Dunne with the Child Champion award at a ‘Wellbeing in Schools’ event in 2014

    ‘William and I sincerely believe that early action can prevent problems in childhood from turning into larger ones later in life. That is why we’re both supporting Place2Be this Children’s Mental Health Week, and I hope you’ll join us.’

    She concludes the video on a positive note, stating: ‘Together, with open conversations, and greater understanding, we can ensure that attitudes towards mental health change, and children receive the support they deserve.’

    For more information about Children’s Mental Health Week and the work of Place2Be, visit place2be.org.uk.

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