Lena Dunham ‘hit hard’ by the fact she will never have children after hysterectomy

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  • Lena Dunham says she has become ‘obsessed with babies’ following hysterectomy.

    The Girls star had joked earlier this week that she missed using her period ‘as an excuse not to do stuff’ after having a hysterectomy last year.

    Lena told her 5.64 million Twitter followers: ‘The worst part of a hysterectomy is not being able to use your period as an excuse not to do stuff.’

    Only days later, the 32-year-old put all jokes aside to express her sadness that she will never bear children.

    ‘Sometimes in the middle of a joyful day the fact that I’ll never be able to bear children hits me hard,’ Lena tweeted.

    ‘I logically understand why this isn’t a necessity – politically, emotionally etc. But you can understand and still not *know* It was a dream of mine.’

    She later told fans that she had begun taking estrogen and was ‘suddenly obsessed with babies’.

    ‘I started estrogen a week ago tomorrow and am suddenly obsessed with babies and having actual childbirth dreams,’ she said, before asking: ‘Is this biological?

    ‘Can anyone with post-hysterectomy experience give me their thoughts?’

    Last month, Lena marked the nine-month anniversary since her full hysterectomy by sharing three nude selfies on Instagram captioned: ‘I’ve never celebrated the 9 month anniversary of anything.’

    She later added that she had named her uterus ‘Judy’ and thanked it for making a ‘graceful exit’.

    Lena revealed back in February that she’d been ‘battling endometriosis for a decade’ and decided to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 31.

    In a heartfelt essay for Vogue, she wrote: ‘I never had a single doubt about having children. Not one, since the day I could understand how families were made.

    ‘And pregnancy was the glorious beginning of that vision.’

    Lena, who split from her boyfriend of five years Jack Antonoff in January, recently told CNN she was taking time to get healthy and would consider using a surrogate in the future.

    ‘I’m taking some time to get healthy,’ she explained. ‘Some women don’t have the ability to take that time.

    ‘It would be harvesting eggs and putting them into a donor – that would be the situation if I were going to do it and figure out who the donor is going to be and a surrogate carrying the baby.’