How to make a Christmas stocking

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  • Make your kids their very own Christmas stocking - they'll love it and they look brilliant hanging on the fireplace!

    Allow: 2 hours
    Skill level: Advanced

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    Felt – plain and sparkly Assorted fabric Pinking shears Buttons Needle and contrasting embroidery thread Fabric glue Embellishments – buttons, beads, bells, pom poms Sewing machine

    How to make a red and white felt stocking

    1. Create a template on a piece of paper, the size you want the stocking to be. From the felt, cut around the template and cut out two white stockings with pinking shears, approx 40 cm (top to heel) and one red stocking, slightly smaller in size.
    2. Cut out 3 circles from the red stocking, then lay it on top of one of the white stockings and attach by using a simple running stitch, 1cm in from the edge, in a contrasting colour thread.
    3. Decorate each of the white circles by sewing on a selection of different shaped buttons.
    4. Join your stocking by stitching both white pieces together, finishing off with a button embellishment and a ribbon for hanging.
    5. Fill with Christmas toys and goodies!

    How to make a stripey patchwork stocking

    1. Using your stocking template as a guide, cut out one stocking which will form the ‘back’ of your stocking remembering to include a 1cm seam allowance for sewing up.
    2. Choose the fabrics for the ‘front’ of your stocking and cut into 15 strips of assorted widths which will be sewn together to form the stocking shape.
    3. Remember when cutting your strips to mark a 0.5cm seam allowance with a washable pen/pencil, which you will use when sewing your strips together to give you even seams.
    4. Using the stocking template you’ve created as a guide, sew 9 of the strips together to form the top fabric piece of the stocking, then sew the remaining 6 strips together to make the heel and toe fabric piece of the stocking.
    5. Sew the two top and heel fabric pieces together at a diagonal angle and stitch a seam across the top.
    6. Draw then cut around the template on top of your two joined fabric pieces to form the stocking shape, leaving a 1cm seam allowance for sewing together.
    7. Put the wrong sides of your two stocking pieces together and follow the 1cm seam allowance sewing to form the finished shape.
    8. Add a ribbon for hanging and any accessories of your choice.

    How to make Christmas trees and village felt stockings

    1. Using your template as a guide, cut out two white stockings with pinking shears, roughly 40cm (top to heel).
    2. To decorate your stocking, cut out felt Christmas trees and houses then stitch together and glue in place.
    3. Join your stocking by stitching both white pieces together, finishing off with some bells, a pom pom and ribbon for hanging.

    Hints and tips
    If using embroidery thread, split the skein to use only 2 strands.