50 easy ideas to make more money

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  • If your bank account could do with a bit of a boost, perhaps it's time to think of ways to make extra money. We've teamed up with Moneymagpie.com editor Justine Birtles to come up with 50 ways to do just that!

    Lots of us have been struggling to make ends meet for the past few years. And if you’ve been scrimping and saving, but things are still tough, then the idea of making a bit of extra cash probably sounds very appealing.

    It’s actually much easier than it sounds – and you don’t need to resort to doing a paper round to make more money (although if you want to, it’s a great way to get more exercise too!). There are loads of ways to get some extra income, perhaps you have a skill that you could sell, a room or driveway you could rent out or just some free time that you could use to get paid to take part in market research or doing someone else’s ironing.

    Here we’ve got 50 ideas of easy ways for you to make more money. Whether you want a few extra pounds here and there, or you need hundreds more a month, there’s something that’ll suit you and we guarantee there’ll be a few ideas you’ve never thought of before.

    Some of these tips are taken as an extract from
    A Bit on the Side: 500 Ways to Boost Your Income by Jasmine Birtles