Aldi has some incredible savings on LEGO sets right now

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Aldi is offering LEGO sets for under £8, including the Technic fire-engine, tractor, and cute sets from the LEGO Friends range.

Aldi is a great place to find bargains on gadgets, food, and furniture but it’s also a good place to find baby essentials and deals on the best-selling toys. Right now they have some amazing deals on LEGO sets - all available for under £8!

When it comes to LEGO sets, they're quite often the best toys for children 4-years-old. Nothing beats a brand new set to create, especially when it's a fire truck or a fresh, green tractor. They’re the perfect activity to keep kids entertained, help add creativity, and are also good for child development.

The best part about LEGO is you don’t have to follow the instructions - you can build whatever you want and just keep building up your collection with Minifigures and building blocks.

Right now you can find a range of sets including the Lego Technic Mini CLAAS XERION for just £7.99.

Lego Technic Mini CLAAS XERION 42102

£7.99 | Suitable for 7 years+

This cool green tractor was developed alongside the renowned tractor maker Claas, it has the iconic green, red and grey color scheme. Ideal for a fan of cars or farms!

Lego Technic Mini CLAAS XERION 42102

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It comes with a fully working steering wheel, a rotary cutter that has wheels and lifts up. Best of all this is a 2-in-1 set as it also rebuilds into a harvest tractor.

This awesome model has a fully working steering and a rotary cutter which is driven by its wheels. Kids will love lifting and lowering the cutter and will have even more fun with its 2-in-1 design that rebuilds into a harvester. 

Lego Friends Puppy Playground 41396

£7.99 | Suitable for 4years+

Lego Friends puppy playground is also just £7.99 at Aldi and look how cute it is! Perfect for children aged four and up, the set comes with a Minifigure of Mia and her two puppies Cookie and Coco. 

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There’s also a slide, skateboard, and merry-go-round included. The set is ideal as a first-time LEGO set as its instructions are easy to follow and have starter bricks.

There’s also the LEGO Friends Cat grooming set, for those who prefer cats to dogs.

Lego Friends Cat Grooming Car 41439

£7.99 | Suitable for 4years+

This set has 60 pieces and includes Minifigures of Emma and Mia and two cute kittens. It’s also an easy-build set, with simple and clear instructions. 

LEGO Friends Cat Grooming car

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The set comes with loads of cute accessories including brushes and bows, that will encourage your little ones to use their imaginations to build a story.

Lego City Fire Hazard Truck 60279

£7.99 |Suitable for 5years+

Fire trucks will never get old and with this set, you can build your own! 

The LEGO city fire truck lets you steer as you drive around, it also comes with a plough to scoop up rubble and a water shooter to put out fires. 

LEGO City Fire Truck

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This cool set comes with a fire-fighter Minifigure and LEGO flames to really set the scene.

Lego City Mini-Submarine 60263

£7.99 | Suitable for 4years +

This set lets you make your very own submarine and lets you explore the underwater world. The submarine has moveable arms to explore the depths and a pirate treasure chest full of gems. It also comes with a hammerhead shark.

Lego City Mini-Submarine 60263

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It has 41 pieces, and also supports National Geographic explorers!

LEGO Classic Green Bricks Set and Classic Blue Bricks Set

£7.99 | Suitable for 4years +

The classic green set is also £7.99 and well worth every penny because it’s 3-in-1. You can build a dog, a helicopter, and an apple tree model.

LEGO Classic Green Bricks set

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The helicopter comes with rotating blades and the apple tree comes with a delicious-looking detachable apple. It’s the perfect set for anyone whose favorite color is green.

The Classic Blue set is also available, which includes a blue whale toy with big round eyes and a waterspout, a train toy with revolving wheels, and a mini robot toy with movable arms. 

LEGO Classic Blue Bricks set

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