Aldi shoppers given scary warning over 'exploding' Yankee Candle dupes

Aldi Yankee Candle exploding
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Aldi shoppers have been given a warning against bargain Yankee Candle dupes that have been 'exploding' when lit.

Customers have claimed the copycat versions of the popular scented candle brand have shattered while burning, leaving shards of glass and hot wax all over her living room.

The candles are selling for as little as £2.99 on the Aldi website and in stores, with delightful scents like Black Forest Gateau and Cinnamon Sparkle on offer.

Aldi shopper Cathy Lewis-Clugston took to social media to share her dangerous mishap with the candle, recalling how she heard a loud bang coming from the room where the budget friendly candle was lit.

'I noticed the candle had gone out but on closer inspection, I realised that the flame hadn’t just burned out - the glass jar encasing the candle had shattered.

'I went over and there were large chunks of glass scattered about on the coffee table,' she explained.

'I'd put the candle on a wicker mat, and there was wax all over the place. I thought, it’s exploded.'

Urging fellow candle lovers to stay vigilant when leaving them burning for long periods, Cathy admitted she had never experienced this with another candle before.

'As somebody who likes scented candles, I've burned them for years and years, quite often Yankee ones, but other ones as well. Never once has this happened. This is the only time.

'It's just lucky I wasn’t sitting next to the candle, and there weren’t kids or anyone else around.

'After I realised what it was, I was really quite angry. It clearly isn’t fit for purpose if it can’t withstand the heat from the flame, and it shouldn't be sold.'

There has been other reports from frightened Aldi fans whose candles suffered a similar fate, with one social media user posting an image of her charred and shattered Coconut Noir candle, while another Tweeter showed the same had happened to her Summer Sands Aldi candle.

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