Yankee candle sale: Where to buy the cheapest Yankee Candles in the UK right now

From the original store all the way to Boots, Amazon and beyond, these are the best Black Friday deals on Yankee Candles - with some live right now!

Yankee Candle sale deals 2020

We all love a Yankee candle sale, especially in the lead up to Christmas when there's no better time for a yearly Yankee Candle haul. 

Not only are there bargains to be had in the Black Friday sales 2020, but there are also Christmas gifts to be bought and Yankee Candles make lovely presents.

Having made a name for themselves in the UK with their sweet scents and iconic names, Yankee Candle is one of the nation's favourite go-to brands for candles. From the summery fragrances like Warm Desert Wind to Christmas classics like Cinnamon Stick, no one does seasonal like Yankee Candle.

As many retailers are keeping their Black Friday plans under wraps until the big weekend, we can't make any promises. But there's always offers to be had on a whole range of Yankee Candles throughout the year from the company themselves right through to online stores such as Amazon, Boots and even Very.co.uk.

At the moment there are discounts and bundle deals to be had on large, medium and small jar Yankee candles. You can also get deals on votive candles and all the accessories you might need...

These are the best deals on Yankee Candles right now:

lime and coriander yankee candle, one of the candles in the sale

Credit: Yankee Candle

Lime and Coriander Large Jar Candle: £16.79 | Yankee Candle

TOP DEAL: Along with matching savings on large jar candles on the Yankee Candle website, keen Yankee Candle fans can get the fruity Lime and Coriander Large Jar Candle for less than £17. These large jar candles really are in a whole league of their own when it comes to quality, quantity and authentic smell. Made from only the finest ingredients with natural oils used to create the distinctive citrus smell, high-quality paraffin wave to ensure a burn time of up to 150 hours and a wick made completely from safe, 100% natural fibres, it's an essential for every home. VIEW AT YANKEE CANDLE

Along with the Lime and Coriander Large Jar Candle, there's £7.20 to be saved on the Sweet Bunny Treats Large Jar Candle and Roseberry Sorbet Large Jar Candle.

Yankee candle sale: Where is the cheapest place to buy Yankee Candles?

The cheapest place to buy Yankee Candles is currently on the company's own UK website. They have an outlet that is open throughout the year, selling last season's scents as well as 25% off the Fragrance of the Month and a discount for students. Currently in the outlet, the fresh Lime & Coriander Large Jar Candle is on sale for £7.20 off - making it just £16.79 - while the smaller scented tea lights are reduced to less than £5.

While you won't be able to score discounts on the best-selling candles like Cinnamon Stick or Baby Powder, there are plenty of great deals in the outlet.

yankee candle christmas scents for Black Friday sales 2020

Credit: Boots

For more discounts, the best place to go is Boots. Surprisingly, Boots are offering a 3-for-2 discount across their whole Christmas Yankee Candle range at the moment, which means that you can't get individual discounts on candles but you'll be in for a saving if you buy in bulk.

What is the nicest smelling Yankee Candle?

Which Yankee Candle smells the best is definitely up to interpretation. As it depends on whether you like muskier or sweeter scents, these are the nicest smelling Yankee Candles based on your favourite fragrance...

  • Floral: Baby Powder, A Calm & Quiet Place, Cherry Blossom, Pink Sands, Warm Desert Wind
  • Fruity: Black Cherry, Crisp Campfire Apples, Mulberry & Fig Delight, Mandarin Cranberry
  • Sweet: Rainbow Cookie, Shea Butter, Pecan Pie Bites, Vanilla, Christmas Cookie
  • Citrus: Lime & Coriander, Spiced Orange, Calamansi Cocktail, Afternoon Escape
  • Fresh and clean: Clean Cotton, Fluffy Towels, Water Garden, Alfresco Afternoon, Misty Mountains
  • Woody: Warm & Cosy, Seaside Woods, Dried Lavender & Oak, Velvet Woods
  • Spicy: Cinnamon Stick, Red Apple Wreath, Spiced Orange, Vanilla Lime, A Night Under the Stars

Among the Christmas-themed Yankee Candles, the nicest smelling one has definitely got to be the Holiday Hearth candle. It really smells like a night in front of the roaring fire in the lead up to the holiday as it comes with top notes of anise, cinnamon and clove, along with gardenia, cedar wood and oak moss. Warm musk and vanilla cream are the bottom notes.

Yankee candle sale: The cheapest Yankee Candles UK deals

Here are the best Yankee candle deals online at the moment...

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