B&M is selling a paddling pool for dogs to keep cool in summer – and it’s a steal!

bm selling dog paddling pool
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With more days spent at home and sunny weather outside a lot of us have been spending more time in our gardens.

And up until the last few days Mother Nature has been treating us to long days of hot sunny weather that has left us all craving a trip away and a swim in a cool refreshing pool.

So just as we’re all desperate for a splash about, we’re sure our fluffy friends are feeling the same way.

Which is why high street bargain store B&M is now selling a doggy paddling pool for pups to splash about in when it’s the sun’s out.

bm selling dog paddling pool

Credit: B&M

Help keep your pet cool this summer with this brilliant Paddling Pool,’ wrote B&M.

Fill it with cool water and dip your pup in to give them a little paddle in the sunshine.’

The paddling pool is made from robust PVC and has an easy drainage hole to get rid of all the water from the pool and keep your paddling pool clean.

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And at 80cm wide and 20cm high it’s perfect for pups to just get a little bit of water on days when they can’t head out anywhere.

Plus the pool could even double as an outdoor bath for pets to keep them out of indoor baths.

And possibly the best part about the pool? It costs only £10 so won’t break the bank!

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While the retailer has listed the paddling pool on their website, it is not available to buy online, so customers can head down to their nearest B&M store to pick up a paddling pool.

If you’d rather stay at home and get something delivered, Amazon is selling a similar paddling pool for pets.

SHOP NOW: Dog paddling pool, £27.99, Amazon

Measuring the same dimensions as the B&M version, it does come in at a higher price, but it’s available online and can be delivered to the comfort of your own home.

We’ll definitely be picking up one of these for when the sun comes back out again!

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