The best paddling pools 2020 for kids to splash about in this summer

The weather is set to be scorching this weekend!
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  • As the days get warmer and warmer, paddling pools are a great way to keep kids playing in the sunshine for hours. 

    Coming in all shapes and sizes, from their favourite animal to huge, almost Olympic-sized, paddling pools have long since been a staple in family gardens across the country. In winter, they’re hidden away in garages, cupboard and sheds, then quickly dug out and dusted off when the sunny day hits the UK.

    But if you’re on the look-out for a new paddling pool (especially if your old one has been taken over by spiders or lost in the chaos of the understairs cupboard), never fear. Our much-loved, family brands like Argos, John Lewis and Amazon are luckily here to help, as always. They’ve got everything you need to turn your back garden into family-sized pool party, with a huge range of styles and designs.

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    Having a place for the kids to mess around this summer is so important, as they’ll be spending more time outside.

    And there’s no better time to pick one up than now, with today set to kick off a 7-day heatwave, and temperatures set to reach over 34C!

    So whether you’ve got a big garden, a small one or even just a small bit of outdoor space, it’s likely that it’s being used by every member of the family – for everything from barbecues to online workouts. A swimming pool is a great way to emulate a summer holiday – if you’re not heading off to one of these destinations this year.

    Keeping paddling pool water clean: how do I keep the pool clean?

    One challenge of using a paddling pool in summer is keeping it clean – with grass debris, falling leaves, and all the other bits that may find themselves in there, it can be tricky.

    So how can you keep your paddling pool water clean? One easy way to do so is to buy a paddling pool with a filter. We’ve included a few great options below. This can rid your pool of debris and keep water circulation going, to avoid any scummy build-up.

    Another simple way to keep the water clean is to buy both a pool cover and a pool-scooping net. Pop a cover on the pool when you’re not using it, and overnight, to prevent you from waking up the next day to flies, bugs, leaves and all sorts in the pool. This affordable option from Amazon, for a rectangle pool, is ideal. Or, you could use your own tarpaulin to create a cover yourself.

    There are plenty of scooping nets available for pools too, which allow you to regularly maintain their cleanliness throughout the day. This handheld £3.58 option is a great choice, or this £14 one from Amazon.

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    So why not invest in a pool, given that it’s something that the whole family can get involved with? While kids might love outdoor toys and grown-ups might prefer to fill the space with nature, a paddling pool is a great mix of both and allows for hours of fun for the whole family with very little clean-up required. Although, we also find that even the biggest kids (read: grown-ups) enjoy making a wave on a particularly hot afternoon.

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    These are the best paddling pools for sale right now…