Mum shares genius hack for keeping your paddling pool clean

You've probably ready got what you need to try it for yourself...

paddling pool

A mum has shared a clever hack on how to keep your paddling pool clean, and you've probably got everything you need in your bedlinen cupboard already.

The British summer has never been so bright but if you've been struggling to keep your babies and children cool,  (opens in new tab)you've probably had the paddling pool out for weeks!

With the little ones running in and out of the pool, it can be tricky to keep the water clean. Once they're all tucked up in bed and you've scooped out all the debris with a net, how do you keep the bugs and leaves out over night - or when the pool isn't in use?

One mum has suggested a genuis hack using just a fitted bed sheet!

Yes, no need to fork out on expensive pool covers that you may never use again. All you need to do is grab a fitted sheet from your bed linen box and pop it over the pool while its not in use.

Parent blogger Deborah Hitchins shared the trick on the Facebook page 'Family Days. Tried and Tested' and the post has proved incredibly popular.

It has been shared over 11,000 times and has 2,300 Facebook reactions. Some people said they had been doing this for years and were a little disappointed they weren't as creative as they once thought!

One person said: 'Did this first time around 42 years ago in 1976.'

Another added: 'Omg I said this today thinking I was a genius, seems someone already thought of it 🙄🤦 ♂️.'

Others couldn't believe how simple it was and said they would be trying it out immediately!

It's easier to fit the sheet to the pool if you've got some help as trying to get it on without landing in the pool yourself can be a little tricky.

This hack is obviously perfectly suited to rectangular shaped pools and it might be worth using bigger sheets like king size to prevent it from popping off.

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Jessica Ransom
Jessica Ransom

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