Save up to 38% on Edinburgh gins - including rhubarb and ginger, elderflower, raspberry and strawberry flavours

Three flavours of Edinburgh Gin on a pink background

With multiple savings of almost £10, there are plenty of reasons to start the weekend early with amazing deals to be had on this selection of flavoured Edinburgh Gin. 

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Whether you're a gooseberry and elderflower fan or a pink gin lover, there's sometimes nothing better than a refreshing gin and tonic on a summer's evening. Edinburgh Gin cater for this exact occasion, with their great selection of flavoured gins.

Now summer is well and truly here, and with Amazon Prime Day upon us, there has never been a better time to re-stock the shelves with new bottles of your favourite flavoured gin or fill the fridge with ready-to-go cans.

Amazon Prime Day UK Edinburgh Gin Deals - at a glance

Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Pink Gin 70 cl

VIEW AT AMAZON - £28 £19.99 (SAVE £8.01)

One of the most popular flavours of pink gin is undoubtedly the rhubarb and ginger. Sweet with a zingy finish, it's ideal for those who love a bit of flavour in their gin but nothing too sweet. Pick up a full-size 70cl bottle of this Edinburgh Gin for £19.99, a saving of just over £8.

Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Flavoured Gin 70 cl

VIEW AT AMAZON - £28 £19.49 (SAVE £8.51)

For those who like something a little sweeter, this raspberry flavoured gin is sure to be a winner. Like summer bottled up, this gin is full of natural flavour from the five traditional gin botanicals, Scottish raspberries and raspberry leaves infused within the spirit. Serve with tonic and a raspberry to finish for the perfect cocktail. This bottle of Edinburgh Gin is currently on sale for just under £20, with a saving of £8.51 for everyone on Amazon Prime Day.

Edinburgh Gin Bramble and Honey Flavoured Gin 70 cl

VIEW AT AMAZON - £28 £19.99 (SAVE £8.01)

Pick up a bottle of this cocktail-essential for £19.99 on Amazon Prime Day. Whether you love a simple gin and tonic or want to make your own Bramble cocktail at home, this gin is definitely for those who love a spirit that's a bit richer. Edinburgh Gin’s Bramble and Honey Gin is made from a delicious combination of dark fruits and silky honey, with the sweet and fruity noted in the gin delicately balanced by the classic juniper gin flavour.

Edinburgh Gin Gooseberry and Elderflower Flavoured Gin 70 cl

VIEW AT AMAZON - £28 £19.99 (SAVE £8.01)

This gooseberry and elderflower gin is deliciously refreshing, making it perfectly for pouring on a summer's evening.  The tangy gooseberry infuses with the sweet elderflower to create a balanced gin that brings a light and floral flavour to your drink. Like all other full strength Edinburgh Gin, this one is 40% proof and goes perfectly with a standard or Mediterranean tonic water, with a dash of mint to finish. Currently £8 off for Amazon Prime Day, now's the best time to pick up a bottle.

Edinburgh Gin Lemon and Jasmine Flavoured Gin 70cl

VIEW AT AMAZON -£28 £19.99 (SAVE £8.01)

This lemon and jasmine flavoured gin is a great option for those who really love the classic citrus gin flavour. As well as those notes of juniper, this gin has a real zesty lemon flavour. Paired with the heady, floral jasmine, it really is the perfect flavour combination for those who like to steer clear of sweet flavoured gins. Now £8 off, this gin won a Silver Medal at the World Gin Awards last year.

Edinburgh Gin Orange Blossom and Mandarin Gin Liqueur 50 cl

Edinburgh Gin Orange Blossom and Mandarin Gin Liqueur 50 cl

VIEW ON AMAZON -£16.50 £10.99 (SAVE £5.51)

Save £5.51 on this fruity gin liqueur, ideal for adding to Prosecco cocktails for a burst of sweet citrus flavour. At 20% proof, it's significantly lower in alcohol than the full-strength gin so great for anyone looking for something a little lighter this summer. Serve either as part of a cocktail, or with tonic water or soda water, and garnish with a slice of orange for a true taste of Valencian sunshine at home.

Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Gin Fizz Ready To Drink Cans, 12 x 250ml

Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Gin Fizz Ready To Drink Cans, 12 x 250ml

VIEW ON AMAZON - £28 £19.99 (SAVE £8.01)

As picnics in the park have become one of the most sought-after social occasions over the last year, cans of this delicious gin and tonic mixture have been flying off the shelves. So now's the perfect time to stock up! Take home 12 of these Raspberry Gin Fizz Ready To Drink Cans for just under £20 this week. If you're already a fan of Edinburgh Gin's Raspberry Flavoured Gin, then you're certain to love these cans. Each serving contains a measure of raspberry gin liqueur, topped up with fizzy white wine - perfect for those hazy summer days.

Edinburgh Gin Strawberry and Pink Pepper Gin Liqueur

Edinburgh Gin Strawberry and Pink Pepper Gin Liqueur, 50 cl

VIEW ON AMAZON - £16.50 £10.99 (SAVE £5.51)

This Strawberry and Pink Pepper Gin Liqueur is a blend of bright and bold flavours with a touch of spice, giving this gin a truly unique taste. The juicy strawberries and peppery punch are the perfect pairing. They deliver an initially sweet, fruity flavour and then following up with a warm aftertaste. Now over £5 off, the best pairing for this gin liqueur is a dash of tonic water. You could also try with Prosecco or white sparkling wine.

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