Always cold? This giant wearable hot water bottle from Amazon will change your life

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  • Chilly Amazon shoppers are raving over a giant, wearable hot water bottle.

    If you’re forever struggling to get warm and spend your life layering up, Amazon’s latest hyped up product is for you.

    With Brits facing a frosty winter lockdown since January, staying in and embracing a cosy lifestyle has been on the cards for 2021 so far.

    And if you’re a fan of an old school hot water bottle, it’s time to up your game.

    The Body Bottle is an extra long hot water bottle than stays hot for up to six hours – and you can even wear it around your body thanks to its handy strap.

    YuYu Body Bottle

    View at Amazon – £24.99

    Amazon Body Bottle giant hot water bottle

    Credit: Amazon

    They come in heaps of funky colours and designs and are an essential purchase for warmth worshippers.

    It can even be filled with ice cold water – great for taking to bed on sweaty summer nights.

    The Body Bottle is perfect for soothing aching muscles and pains like period cramps, stomach pains and sciatica and it’s received plenty of five star reviews from Amazon shoppers who have bought and loved one.

    ‘I have always used hot water bottles, particularly around my period or if I’m feeling under the weather. My old one started leaking so decided to replace it with this long one and oh my goodness, I love it,’ one shopper buyer penned.

    ‘It is the nicest thing to curl around, and also you can wrap it round your waist if you have a sore back or stomach. Also feels amazing around your neck, I think because of the deep dimples in it. Retains heat well too!’

    Another raved, ‘For someone who suffers from endometriosis this is a life saver !!! Couldn’t recommend enough!!!’