Lidl is selling an adorable cat hammock for spoilt sleepy felines

Lidl cat hammock
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Lidl is selling the ultimate treat for your feline friend, with a cat hammock hitting shelves in the budget supermarket.

Our favourite retailers have been making sure our pets get the best this summer, with Aldi releasing an adorable mini hanging egg chair and pet house now Lidl has announced the perfect product for your cat.

The iconic bargain store has launched a mini cat hammock, perfect for four-legged creatures who love lounging in luxury.

The cat hammock features a beautiful hardwood finish and natural canvas for your cat to lounge on, providing a neutral look that will blend into any home - plus it's only £12.99 and hitting the shelves at your local Lidl now.

Zoofari Cat Hammock
(Image credit: Lidl)

The item is part of Lidl's new pet collection, which comprises a variety of entertaining and quirky toys and furniture for any pet.

The Pet Teepee also available at Lidl, boasts a sleek grey cover for those spoiled fur babies to relax and have an afternoon snooze.

(Image credit: Lidl)

The cool and cosy cat bed comes with a removable reversible cushion for easy cleaning and is simple to set up with five wooden poles to keep it stable.

Lidl's pet collection is great for dogs too, with the retailer launching an Outdoor Dog Bed for only £24.99, pick one up so your sleepy pups have the perfect to sanctuary to doze off.

For adventurous pups, the store has a £9.99 Step-On Dog Water Fountain and a £29.99 Dog Pool, both of which are great for next year's summer days.

For £17.99, Lidl also has a Pet Grooming Set to keep your pet's fur looking glossy. A pet hair trimmer, a wire brush, a double-sided pet comb, fur scissors, claw clippers, and a claw file are all included in the kit.

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