Lidl is selling a BARGAIN crepe maker just in time for Pancake Day

Lidl crepe maker

Pancake Day 2021 is just around the corner - and Lidl is selling a crepe maker for a bargain price. 

Screw Valentine's Day! Shrove Tuesday is next week and we're so ready for our only concern of the day to be choosing between classic crepes doused in lemon and sugar or a fluffy American stack with lashings of maple syrup.

And Lidl is making opting for that old school European option even more appealing with the release of its new crepe maker.

Silvercrest Crepe Maker

View at Lidl - £24.99

Lidl Crepe Maker

Credit: Lidl

The Silvercrest Crepe Maker is priced at a bargain £24.99 and will allow you to recreate the expert deliciousness of a food market crepe at home.

Featuring a removable cooking plate, the high-quality nonstick surface has an adjustable temperature so there won’t be any danger of over cooked pancakes.

You'll also get all the tools needed to pour and spread a perfectly even crepe every single time!

The fun kitchen gadget is a great way to add some excitement to a lockdown too - especially if you've got bored kids to entertain.

If you prefer the fun of flipping, Lidl is also selling its Sabichi Pancake Pan for just £3.99, designed for whipping up the ultimate batch.

Lidl Crepe Maker

Lidl's Pancake Day treats are available to buy in store now - but you'll need to head there quick if you want to get your hands on them because once they're gone, they're gone!

While you're there, you'd be mad not to snap up your pancake essentials. Lidl's lemon juice is just 26p while caster sugar is 99p.

If you're going for an indulgent American inspired feast, top your pancakes with Lidl's Pure Canadian Maple Syrup for just £1.49 and Blueberries for just £1.15.

There's something for those who can't quite be bothered with stretching their culinary skills on a Tuesday evening as well, thanks to Lidl's ready-made pancake mixes priced at 99p each.

Happy flipping!

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