Morrisons customers set to notice big change as stores trial this much-loved traditional item

A logo of Supermarket company, Morrisons is seen outside one of its stores on November 13, 2020 in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire
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Morrisons customers are about to notice a big change as the retailer is bringing back a traditional item as part of new green initiative. 

Morrisons are bringing back a much-loved throwback item in selected stores across the UK. The supermarket is well-known for their brilliant straight-to-your-door boxes, ranging from their delicious Morrisons Afternoon Tea Box, to their summer essential Morrisons Ultimate Gin Box. We all love convenience when it comes to our weekly shops, but another factor that’s never far from people’s minds is the environmental impact of what we buy. 

Now Morrisons have announced a major change in an effort to help reduce plastic waste. As reported by The Telegraph, Morrisons will be adding milk in glass bottles to 11 stores.

Four milk bottles on a doorstep of a terraced house in London

Each of the pint-sized bottles will be provided by local dairy farms, which will also collect, sanitise and reuse the bottles for 10 years or possibly even more. Priced at 90p, the glass bottles will be 40p more expensive than their plastic counterparts, though this covers the cost of collection and sanitisation.

It’s understood that 7 of the stores included in the new glass bottle trial are across Kent, with another 4 around Sheffield. Morrisons has stated that the reintroduction of glass milk bottles in this trial will help remove 40,000 plastic bottles a year from the supply chain. 

And that’s not all! The initiative will also help reduce carbon emissions, as the milk will be covering shorter distances in transit from the local dairies to the stores.

Holstein dairy cattle in pasture, Cumbria, UK

Though this is not yet a permanent introduction across all stores, it’s said that Morrisons may phase out some plastic bottles if the glass ones prove popular. 

"Reusing glass milk bottles is an easy leap for many people to make because they remember that this was how milk used to arrive on the doorstep," said Natasha Cook, the packaging manager at Morrisons.

Whilst Morrisons’ new initiative is something that has received praise from Steve Hynd, the policy manager at environmental body City to Sea.

"Milk is a prime example of a product that could and should be swapped from single-use plastic bottles to planet-friendly reusable bottles,” he explained. 

Bottles with fresh milk in a box

“We know this move is popular, with 3 out of 4 people telling us they want more refill options in shops as a way of tackling plastic pollution. This is Morrisons doing not only what's right for the planet but also what their customers are telling us they want to see."

So whilst not every customer will be seeing traditional glass milk bottles in their local store right now, Morrisons’ trial definitely seems to be taking things in a more eco-conscious direction.

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