How you could save hundreds of pounds on your Christmas shopping

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  • While Christmas is a time of joy and festivity - it can also be a time for serious spending.

    According to consumerism experts, Brits spend an average of £780 each on Christmas presents every year and we’re predicted to ramp it up, spending 25% more than 2019 this year at just short of £1000.

    With 30% of us admitting that the 2020 coronavirus lockdown is set to trigger a big Chrimbo spend up to brighten up this year, it seems like for many Brits this festive period could bring a record-breaking gift spree. But personal finance specialists at have sussed out the best ways to save on what we buy for the Christmas season – and the key is getting started on your shopping now!

    Despite almost three quarters revealing they would consider starting their Christmas shopping earlier if it could save them money, the majority of shoppers don’t start Christmas shopping till just a few weeks before the big day. This means that they are missing out on hundreds of pounds of potential savings throughout the year, new research has shown.

    With huge savings to be had in the months before Christmas with discount events like Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we could be keeping loads of pounds in our pockets.

    Don’t forget, that in order to take part, you’ll need to already have a Prime Membership, or sign up to a free, 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, which you can cancel before the 30 days is over, if you change your mind.

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    With Amazon launching its two day sales bonanza on October 13th, Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at has some vital advice.

    “Just 15% of Brits shop for Christmas presents year-round, according to our survey, but there are huge savings to be made as a result of sales and discount periods throughout the year for those who do. The two day shopping event from Amazon provides discount opportunities to take advantage of for shoppers who want to maximise their spending power.”

    Amazon Prime Day is a date every year when online retailer Amazon offers huge discounts on products across their entire site for a select period of time and is a fantastic opportunity to nab pricey Christmas gifts for a slashed price.

    Shoppers can find brilliant discounts on Amazon goods such as Kindles, Fire TV Sticks and Amazon Echo products. You can also get money off branded goods such as Apple laptops and iPads and Dyson vacuums and hair care products as well as toys, parenting essentials and just about everything else.

    If you’re part of the 75% of the nation that uses online shopping to secure the festive goodies, getting Amazon Prime Day into your calendar is a must – happy saving!