Savvy mum shares genius hack to make toilet roll last longer

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A super savvy, money-saving mum has revealed her genius hack for getting toilet rolls to last longer.

With pandemic panic buying leaving toilet roll in short supply lately, a tip like this could be vital info for many households, especially those with kids who are prone to over-using the precious stuff.

The thrifty Facebook user took to a group called Mums Who Budget & Save to spread her essential loo roll knowledge, explaining that simply flattening the circular roll can make a huge difference.

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Kids home from school? Going through toilet paper faster than usual?

Try squashing the roll - so it doesn't spin so quickly and then not as much will be pulled off,’ the post read.

Of course, this’ll save important supplies during the coronavirus lockdown, but it’s also a great way to keep pennies in your pocket during times like school holidays when the kids are in the house way more. So keep this one in mind even after lockdown is lifted.

While it may seem totally simple, loads of commenters quickly had their say on how smart it is.

‘I had to do that. My kids would just pull it until it stops,’ one wrote, while another agreed, ‘I've been doing this for a number of years. It works - for me too, because I also know I'm likely to use too much.’

‘Mind blowing!! I'm definitely trying this - for me,’ a third chipped in.

While it's inevitable that you'll eventually run out of the bathroom essential at some point during lockdown, medical professionals have issued some important advice that you should follow when you go to the supermarket to stock up.

According to an NHS doctor, wearing gloves when you go out for your groceries isn't actually necessary.

'You’ve got your gloves, you’re at the supermarket, you’re touching things – there you go… germs,’ Dr Karan Rangarajan explained in a TikTok video.

You keep touching more things throughout same day with these same gloves, germs everywhere. You’re accumulating germs.

'Your glove is now more full of germs than your hand would’ve been if you washed each time.

Remember, with these same gloves you’ll be touching your steering wheel, you might accidentally touch your face, transferring the germs to yourself.

And then when your’re changing the gloves you might actually be touching the glove itself.’