The meanings you never knew behind 25 very common baby names revealed – is yours on the list?

Knowing the meaning behind these names might help you pick a favourite

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Every baby name has a meaning, but it's often overlooked when expectant parents are making their decision.

There are lots of reasons why parents might choose a particular name for their baby. They might be on the hunt for unique baby names or something more specific, like a space-inspired baby name. But for others, it's all about the meaning behind the moniker.

Baby name consultant SJ Strum told GoodtoKnow, "All names have personality and it's fascinating to discover what your own name means as a first step to picking a special baby name that you really bond with. Couples I work with as a baby name consultant can often find a strong connection to a name through either linking the meaning of their own name (which becomes a lovely family tradition for siblings too) or by finding a name meaning that fits your values and passions."

But you don't have to go with an unusual choice to find a baby name with a meaning that resonates. Some of the most popular baby names out there have beautiful meanings. Luca, for example, which Baby Centre recorded as the eighth most popular boy's name in 2023, means 'bringer of light'. Meanwhile, Sophia – which was the ninth most popular girl's name – means 'wisdom'.

SJ added, "If you're struggling with an A-Z list or have lots of ideas but no big stand-out names; I always recommend going with the story of the name – and that's often what the name's meaning can bring. "

Below, SJ has revealed the lesser-known meanings behind 25 of the most common baby names...

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25 common baby name meanings revealed

  1. Amanda - she who must be loved
  2. Ellie - light or sunbeam
  3. Alfie - elf counsel
  4. Philippa - lover of horses
  5. Xavier - new house
  6. Dylan - born from the ocean
  7. Mia - mine
  8. Aurora - dawn 
  9. Frank - to be free
  10. Abigail - my fathers joy
  11. Freya - goddess of fertility 
  12. Ava - bird like 
  13. Oscar - deer lover
  14. George - farmer
  15. Henry - ruler of the home
  16. Sophia - wisdom 
  17. Florence - to bloom
  18. Otis - wealthy
  19. Mabel - loveable
  20. Luca - bringer of light
  21. Everly - boar in a meadow
  22. David - beloved
  23. Logan - little cove
  24. Ellis - kind
  25. Riley - courageous 

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