‘Ridiculous’ mum criticised for spending over two hours a day styling her baby’s hair

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  • A new mum who appeared on This Morning has been slammed online for spending two hours a day styling her 10-week-old baby’s hair.

    Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield welcomed the new mum and her very glamorous baby on This Morning yesterday, to show off the 10-week-old’s astonishing full head of hair.

    Holly, who is known for getting broody over adorable tots that appear on the show, was openly cooing over little Amelia who was born with a mop of thick dark hair.

    Mum Kayley admitted she spends two and a half hours a day grooming her little one, using the time to bond with her daughter.

    Holly asked the mum why she spent such a long time styling a baby’s hair. ‘Two and a half hours, this is quite a regime – why does it take so long?’ she asked.

    Kayley revealed that the secret to styling her little one’s locks is ‘putting the baby oil in, it softens it and flakes it out easier because it’s so thick.’

    The new mum also explained how her little girl ‘loves the hairdryer’. As the segment showed a clip of Kayley lovingly massaging, brushing, washing and blow drying her daughter’s hair, Holly had to admit ‘she’s so blissed out, she looks so relaxed’.

    But despite Holly and Phil’s cooing, viewers and social media users were less impressed, with many finding it difficult to understand why someone would spend that amount of time on a new baby’s hair.

    Responding to the notion that ‘it takes two hours to style her hair’, one Twitter user chimed in to remind @thismorning that it’s her mother’s choice to do that, saying: ‘it doesn’t take 2 hours to style her hair, her mum chooses to spend 2 hours styling her hair.’

    Whilst another Twitter user thought that Kayley could be using her time in a more ‘productive’ way, ‘seriously! Tell her to go do something more productive’.

    One mum criticised the clips used in baby Amelia’s hair, saying, ‘Who puts clips like that in a 10 week old baby’s hair 😲 #ThisMorning ridiculous. Baby bands yes but not alligator clips. 😐’

    Do you think there’s a problem with spending over two hours on your baby’s hair? Tell us in the comment box!

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