Mum issues frightening warning after her baby girl chokes on stuffing from her doll

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  • A mother whose daughter nearly choked on her favourite doll has warned other parents to check the stitching on similar toys.

    Kath Milroy Pattingale was at home with her seven month old daughter Madison when the incident occurred, and a few days later took to her Facebook page to share the experience and remind other parents to stay vigilant.

    ‘A couple of nights ago Maddison (7 months) started to choke!’ explains the frightened mother. ‘Thank goodness we were right next to her and Waz was able to help her. She’d choked on plastic stuffing from the back of this Lamaze doll.’

    ‘The stitching on the back had come undone and the crinkly noise it makes is because it’s stuffed with cellophane which she’d ripped and got stuck in her throat (she doesn’t have any teeth yet).’

    She continued: ‘We’ve got a lot of these Lamaze toys and they’ve been the kind of toys that I’ve trusted to leave with the girls in the car seat, pram, play mat, etc and to be honest I’d never thought twice about the safety of them. Please please please check the stitching on yours.’

    Though she expresses she had reservations about naming and shaming the company, she eventually decided to post her story online ‘so that other mums can check their toys and we can prevent another child choking.’

    She does, however, state that the company hadn’t yet responded to her emails about the incident.

    Mmany Facebook users took to the comments to thank her for honesty, as well as to share similar photos and stories of their own. ‘Thank goodness you were both there, that is really scary – good that you have shared,’ wrote one thankful commenter.

    Another said: ‘what a fright it must have been, thank god she’s ok! I’ll definitely share this with my nieces who have little ones.’

    ‘You should let fair trading know in case they need to do a recall,’ suggested another poster.

    GoodtoKnow has reached out to the manufacturer for comment.