Expectant mum sparks debate after refusing to attend a surprise baby shower thrown by her mother-in-law

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  • An expectant mum has sparked debate online after revealing she refused to attend a baby shower organised by her mother-in-law.

    The pregnant woman took to a parenting forum to explain the situation, detailing how the duo haven’t always been on the best terms.

    ‘MIL [Mother-in-law] and I have always had an up and down awkward relationship. When I first got together with DH [darling husband] she disapproved of me,’ she wrote on Mumsnet.

    ‘Once she realised DH was still going to date me she made more effort to get to know me.’

    Now pregnant, she then went on to state that she politely declined an invite to a family party hosted by her mother-in-law due to the fact travelling makes her feel very sick.

    A fractious phone exchange with her partner’s dad came soon after – it was then he revealed that the get-together was actually a surprise baby shower.

    ‘I then got a call from FIL [father-in-law] explaining that I had to go to the party because MIL has arranged a massive baby shower for me and that if I don’t go I will disappoint not just MIL but everyone who was invited and have already bought gifts,’ she continued.

    ‘I wasn’t really sure what to say so apologised and FIL said that he expects to see us there as this is important to MIL. He then hung up on me.’

    An argument with her own husband followed, with him telling her that the duo should find a way to make the trip work.

    ‘I hate baby showers anyway which doesn’t help but I really don’t want to go,’ she concluded.

    ‘AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] to not attend or should I just suck it up and go so I don’t upset all the people who have made an effort for me?’

    As you might expect, the dilemma sparked a debate among other users of the platform.

    ‘Do not go. I am impressed how you have stuck to your guns,’ said one.

    Another agreed: ‘There is no way i would be going to this party. Stand your ground.’

    Others, however, told said on the forum that she should make an effort to attend.

    ‘I think she’s trying to make a lovely effort’, commented one critic. ‘I’d reciprocate and grit my teeth and go.’

    Another supported this sentiment, saying: ‘It sounds like she means well. I do feel sorry for her, to be honest. It is going to be quite humiliating for her to call everyone and cancel, particularly as they have bought gifts.

    ‘I would probably put a brave face on and go, if it was me.’

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