'It's absolutely ridiculous' Parents outraged as school threatens to report them to social services if they don't attend parents' evening

'People absolutely should not feel blackmailed or bullied into attending.'

Parents have revealed outraged after being threatened by school to be reported to social services if they don't attend parents' evening.

The debate was sparked by a mum on a parenting forum, after she explained how her child's school said she would be reported if she did not attend the meeting.

She wrote on Netmums: 'My child is in High School [secondary school], a model student, top marks in all subjects, 100% attendance. Parent Evening is coming up, and I decided not to go. I have received email saying they had noticed that I had no bookings with any teachers, and that open evenings are now compulsory.

'I ignored the email, then I received a voicemail asking me to ring the school, which I did. I explained that I had no concerns regarding my child etc, to be met with, 'It would be nice to put a face to the teacher though' . I spoke to my child and agreed with me that there was no need. Today, they've now been told that if parents don't attend, it will be reported to Social Services as a safeguarding issue!! Has anyone else met with this before?'

The unusual situation led many other parents to say that they haven't experienced this before and that it's 'wrong' of the school to bully parents into attending.

One parent responded: 'I think reporting it as a safeguarding issue is absolutely ridiculous. However it would take a social worker 30 seconds to look at you and realise there's no probs so it doesn't really matter. I guess it could be a red flag for some kids whose parents literally just don't care about them.'

Another said: 'I agree with you, this is very wrong of the school and way beyond their remit. I think I might choose to go to the parents evening and mention your concerns about the attitude of the school, quietly. People absolutely should not feel blackmailed or bullied into attending.'

A teacher also weighed in, agreeing that the measure is 'bizarre': 'As a teacher I really appreciate parents attending parents' evening. It demonstrates to students that parents and school work together in partnership. That's really important.

'That said the school's threat to call SS is bizarre. I imagine (hope) this has been miscommunicated by a teacher and isn't whole school policy. Non attendance at parents' eve can add to a pattern of concern about a particular student but in no school I've worked at would we report every parent who didn't attend.'

Do you agree with the school's decision or do you think it's extreme? Let us know in the comments!


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