Pawsecco: The £2.99 still 'wine' for cats and dogs that means you can enjoy a drink with your pet

It's not drinking alone when the dog is home

Ever looked at your pet after a long day and thought 'yeah, you need a glass of wine too?'

If you answered yes, we've got some marvellous news, because pet drinks specialists Woof & Brew have just launched Pawsecco, a still 'wine' designed to give your beloved cats and dogs the well earned wine-down they deserve.

Discerning mutts and moggies will be pleased to hear that Pawsecco comes in a choice of two flavours, Pet-House White and Pet-House Rosé, both of which are completely alcohol and grape-free.

Buy it now: Wolf & Brew, from £2.99

Instead, they're made from wholesome ingredients including elderflower, nettle, ginseng and limeflower, for a herbal blend that's actually good for them (sadly very unlike our go-to 13% number is for us, sob sob).

'Created with the advice of veterinary experts, you can be safe in the knowledge you are providing your pet a truly perfect tonic & treat,' the brand explains.

However, Pawsecco does come in an authentically boozy bottle, with a label that suggests you 'serve over food for the perfect au jus'.

If you want to invest in some Pawsecco for your four-legged friend, it's available from the Wolf & Brew website, with single bottles starting from just £2.99, and prices increasing up to £7.49 for a gift box including both flavours.

You'll need to move quickly, though - deliveries are now estimated to take around 7-10 days because the product is already in such high demand.

If vino isn't quite up Fido or Puss' street, you'll be pleased to know that they also stock beers, infused waters and a range of tonics and teas, all designed with furry consumers in mind.

So whether it's your bulldog's birthday or your kitten's been having a tough time of late, we reckon they'd probably enjoy one of these tipples as a treat. Plus...

And if that isn't a reason to get an order in, we don't know what is.


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