‘It was hell!’ Peter Andre in AGONY as he experiences the pain of childbirth

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  • It’s the one thing than men will never understand: The pain of childbirth.

    But Peter Andre decided to get as close as possible to the real thing by enduring a pregnancy simulator, designed to imitate the pain of having a baby.

    The singer and presenter is currently expecting his second child (and fourth overall) with wife Emily MacDonagh, and went through simulation to have a better understanding of what his wife will have to endure.

    Peter went to the word’s only male birthing clinic in Amsterdam and was wired up to a machine that sends electrical shocks to the lower abdomen in four stages, designed to mimic childbirth. And judging by his reaction, he didn’t enjoy it.

    ‘The pain is absolutely horrific’, he said lying on a bed during the third stage.

    But as the pain increased he stopped talking and just started to scream in agony.

    During the final stages of simulated labour, Peter had clearly understood just how bad it feels, screaming: ‘I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it’.

    Speaking about the experience on Loose Women, while wearing a fake baby bump, he admitted: ‘Nothing in the world prepared me for that.’

    Image: ITV/ Loose Women/ YouTube

    ‘They say guys can relate to it if they’ve had kidney stones – it’s a similar thing. I’ve had kidney stones. Let me tell you, I would have another 20 kidney stones rather than go through that again. That’s for sure. That was hell.’

    But he admitted that the experience has changed the way he acted around his wife.

    He said: ‘As soon as I went home I started noticing I was different straight away. Every time she had a Braxton Hicks [contractions], which I call Tony Braxton’s, I would constantly go “are you alright”, and I would say “It’s only another 20 seconds it’s going to pass it’s going to pass.” And you do all of a sudden start acting different.’

    Image: ITV/ Loose Women/ YouTube

    ‘Now we’re going to go through this for real and I’m going to be very different this time because I’m going to know what she’s going through.’

    But would he do it again?

    ‘Never! This is my only child’, he joked to the panel.

    Well, even if one labour was enough to put him off for life, we think it’s great he wanted to try to understand just how his wife will be feeling!

    Peter is dad to Junior, 10, and Princess, eight, from his relationship with Katie Price. His youngest is two-year old Amelia, who he had with Emily in 2014.