Prince George is having a very exciting month and THIS is why

Prince George - April 2018

Prince George is having a very exciting month for a number of reasons but it's about to get even better...

The little royal was recently seen at his brother's christening, where both he and sister Princess Charlotte showed how polite they are by greeting everyone - and we even got to see Charlotte's usual sassy self.

The celebration is likely to have been an exciting time for both older siblings, but there's a few more reasons why little George is having a great month.

He's completed a BIG milestone

Prince George officially finished his term at Thomas's Battersea last week, and he's done with school until September. It was hist first year at 'big' school since starting at the new school in September, so we bet he'll appreciate the time off this summer more than previous years.

Prince George had his first day at 'big' school in September

As mum Kate is also on maternity leave (opens in new tab), the Duke and Duchess will no doubt have loads of fun activities planned for him and Charlotte - like their fun day out at the polo (opens in new tab).

It's his birthday!

Prince George Princess Charlotte

The four-year-old is approaching his fifth birthday very soon, which is of course a very exciting time - especially when you're little.

His special day is on 22nd July, and being his first birthday as one of three, we bet little George is excited to have a day where he has that little extra attention from his mum and dad again.

The Cambridges usually keep family events private, so it's likely little George will have a low-key party, having fun celebrating with his close friends and family - especially his little cousins.

It's his first summer as one of three

kate middleton prince george princess charlotte polo

Kate is enjoying her maternity leave, which gives her more time to have fun days out with her little ones

This is also Prince George's first summer with a little brother, after Kate gave birth to Prince Louis in April, so the eldest of their brood is certainly having to adapt to being the eldest of a bigger brood (opens in new tab).

While this might mean his mum and dad have less time to dedicate to him, having one more little one around the house will no doubt be very exciting for George.

He's probably been enjoying World Cup fever with his dad William

prince george prince william

Even though the England team did not make it to the final, it's clear Prince William has been thoroughly enjoying the World Cup until now - and his passion has passed down to his offspring (opens in new tab).

He's taken over the official Kensington Palace Twitter account a few times to send messages of support, and we bet he's been getting George excited over the team's success.

In fact, the young royals were even seen enjoying a kick around with their friends near Kensington Palace, which was reported by royal blog Royally Will & Kate according to the Daily Express.