Prince George is as mischievous as Princess Beatrice was and there are pictures to prove it

Prince George and Savannah Phillips stole the show at this year's Trooping the Colour.

trooping the colour prince george princess charlotte savannah phillips

Prince George looked much more relaxed in front of the world's media at the Trooping the Colour over the weekend compared to at his uncle's wedding (opens in new tab).

The four-year-old little royal was seen smiling and admiring the spectacle, as well as waving to the crowds. With all the cameras focused on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, it's tricky for any slip-up to go unnoticed and Prince George's mischievous behaviour is no exception.

The eldest of Prince William and Kate Middleton's three children could be seen having his mouth covered by his cousin, the eldest of the Queen's great grandchildren, seven-year-old Savannah Phillips. No one else in the picture appears to be talking as they wait for the national anthem to finish playing.

Archive photos show that back in 1990, Prince Harry covered the mouth of Princess Beatrice who was presumably singing out of tune or time, just as Prince George was.

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The pictures not only demonstrate that Prince George and Princess Beatrice share a mischievous streak, they also show that Prince George is as close to his cousins as his uncle Prince Harry is with his.

At Prince Harry's wedding, it was Princess Charlotte who appeared to be the most mischievous (opens in new tab) as she re-enacted her uncle's cheeky tongue-out pose in the car as she left St George's Chapel.

prince harry princess charlotte

Although the little royals are often seen behaving impeccably, it's reassuring for all the other parents out there that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a cheeky streak too!

Prince William can be seen looking rather disapprovingly at his son's behaviour and is probably more than aware that someone will have captured the moment on film.

trooping of colour prince william prince george savannah phillips

This reflects Prince Williams less relaxed parenting approach to his mother Diana who appears to be unconcerned by Prince Harry's behaviour.

Regardless of their behaviour, the little royals stole the show once again and we certainly loved seeing them out and about again!