Why Princess Charlotte and Prince George disappeared during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding ceremony

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  • Princess Charlotte and Prince George looked adorable as ever at their uncle Prince Harry’s wedding on Saturday. But you might have missed that shortly after the siblings entered the church with the other pageboys and bridesmaids, they disappeared out of sight.

    Once the children had followed Meghan down the aisle of St George’s Chapel, they were scurried away into a side room and were not present for the full marriage service.

    Given that all of the page boys and bridesmaids were under the age of 10, this is not surprising as they will have likely become agitated during the speeches and other formalities of the ceremony.

    bridesmaids page boys behind meghan

    Once Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were officially married and made their way back down the aisle as newlyweds, some people were confused to see that Prince George and Princess Charlotte did not r-emerge with the other page boys and bridesmaids.

    bridesmaids page boys prince harry wedding Prince George and Princess Charlotte were noticeably absent 

    Instead, the siblings joined their mum and dad, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and held their hand to exit the chapel.

    Prince George hid behind his dad while Princess Charlotte, who received a special gift from new aunt Meghan, once again stole the show and fully embraced the attention and cameras around her.

    While holding Kate’s hand, Princess Charlotte gave the crowds an adorable wave, just like the time she went to meet her younger brother Prince Louis in St Mary’s hospital for the first time.

    princess charlotte duchess of cambridgePrincess Charlotte was smiling and waving to the crowds and cameras

    Princess Charlotte, Prince George and the other page boys and bridesmaids all appeared to be very well-behaved during the day and showed no obvious slip-ups, even under the spotlight of the world’s media.

    However, according to the Mirror, the children were so mischievous during the rehearsals for the wedding that Kate and the other children’s mums were asked to accompany the children into the chapel.

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s ‘child whisperer’ nanny was also on hand in the church and was one of the reasons all the children behaved perfectly, according to the Telegraph.

    Maria Borrallo’s secret? The nanny who has been with Kate and William for four years is reported to have promised the children some Smarties if they did as they were told!

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