‘The older I get, the less I appreciate birthdays’ Prince Philip sends pensioner hilarious letter for her birthday

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  • Prince Philip is known and loved for his hilarious quips and jokes, and at the impressive age of 95 it’s fair to say he’s managed to fit in a few witty moments of the years!

    But his latest joke, a letter he sent to a pensioner who shares the exact same birthday, might be one of his best yet.

    SNP MP John McNally wrote to Prince Philip on behalf of his mother Rosa, who was born on the same day – 10th June 1921 – as the prince, with them both celebrating their 95th birthdays last week. However, the response he got certainly wasn’t what he was expecting!

    John’s nephew and Rosa’s grandson, Chris Deerin, has shared the hilarious note on Twitter, which reads:

    ‘Dear Mr McNally,

    I was interested to know that your mother shares the same birthday as I do. I have to say that the older I get, the less I appreciate birthdays. Please give your mother my best wishes.

    Yours sincerely,


    The post has since received 929 likes and 451 retweets, clearly delighting Twitter fans with many commenting on the photo. One user said: ‘national treasure is the DoE. The older you get the less you bother what people think, it’s great’ while another added: ‘this made me giggle….typical Philip’.

    It certainly is typical of the Queen’s husband, whose jokes have become something of a national treasure over the years. A royal source has since confirmed that the letter is genuine and ‘typical’ of Philip’s sense of humour.

    Mr McNally told the Mail he wrote to Buckingham Palace on his mum’s behalf because she has ‘always talked about’ how she was born on the same day as the prince 10th June 1921.

    ‘To be honest I never thought I would receive a response or at best I might get a polite letter from his office,’ he said. ‘But my mother has always talked about how they share the same birthday and I thought “why not”.’

    It seems Rosa was ‘delighted’ with her very special mail. ‘You really had to see her face when she opened it,’ Mr McNally said. ‘She couldn’t have been more delighted. The prince made an old lady very, very happy and it shows how human he is.

    ‘They are both still have a twinkle in their eye and clearly share the same sense of humour. It really was the kindest gesture and he is welcome for tea any time he comes up to Falkirk.’