Princess Diana would be ‘incredibly proud’ of Kate Middleton, says close friend

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  • A close friend of Diana’s has given us glimpse of what the late Princess would have thought of her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

    We’ve all seen Kate Middleton transform before our eyes into a devoted mother, wife, and active monarch, but comparisons with William’s mother, Princess Diana, are always creeping in.

    But now we can at last get a real glimpse into what Princess Diana would think of the mother of her grandchildren, Kate.

    Diana’s close friend Rosa Monckton spoke to the publication about the Duchess of Cambridge, saying: ‘She [Diana] would be incredibly proud. To be able to give their children a stable life in the country is worth so much. They have a lifetime of flashbulbs ahead of them.’

    William and Kate moved to Norfolk to raise their children, George and Charlotte

    Rosa, a successful businesswoman whose family has had close ties with the royals in the past, often holidayed with the Princess and the two supported each other in times of hardship. In 1994, Diana comforted Rosa after she lost her second baby at birth, and arranged for the stillborn child to be buried in an unmarked grave at Kensington Palace. Diana also became her youngest child’s godmother in 1995.

    After the Princess’ death, Rosa wrote in her tribute: ‘She more than anyone knew what to say and what to do. She was both compassionate and practical. These two qualities coexisted in her in a way I have never seen in anyone else. She instinctively found the words to ease the pain, and at the same time knew that I should name my daughter, and bury her.

    Rosa with Princess Diana

    ‘She always remembered her anniversary and talked about her often. I will never ever forget her face, her touch, her warmth and compassion on the day that we buried Natalia. She was a constant support, day and night, throughout these intensely difficult and private moments.’

    Diana was one of the most beloved royal figures all around the world, and left an incredible legacy behind her, so it’s no wonder Kate would want to follow in her footsteps.

    Kate recently became editor for a day to promote a new series that explores mental health issues in young people, Young Minds Matter

    Her charity work seems to be one of the ways she’s trying to achieve that. The Duchess is dedicating a lot of her time to raising awareness on mental health issues, especially in children.

    Very much like Diana, Kate isn’t afraid to break royal protocol for a good cause. Just recently, the mother-of-two skipped a St Patricks Day ceremony, breaking 115 years of tradition and leaving William to attend the event by himself.

    The Duchess spent some quality time with her family on a recent ski trip

    Despite criticism for her missing the yearly celebration, a royal source said at the time that the Duchess preferred to spend time at home in Norfolk with her children, ahead of her and William’s one-week visit to India and Bhutan. The couple will be going on the journey at the beginning of April, leaving George and Charlotte at home.

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