Rainbow baby names: Beautiful name ideas for your rainbow baby

Symbolic baby name ideas for your rainbow baby.

Rainbow baby names
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Looking for an inspirational rainbow baby name? Here are a few of our favourites for both boys and girls including meanings for each of them too.

The birth of a child after suffering a miscarriage or stillbirth is a beautiful but understandably emotional time. The gift of having another child, after losing a sibling before them, is commonly known as having a 'rainbow baby'.

The idea stems from a rainbow being a symbol of hope, and a sign of something beautiful after the storm that the grief of losing a little one brings.

If you find thinking of your next baby as a rainbow comforting, and you want something a little different from popular French names or the most popular baby names for 2017, it could be special to give them a name with a deeper meaning - referencing the miracle that is their birth.

We've put together a list of baby names for your rainbow baby, all representing a different aspect of the joy you will feel at holding them close while remembering the little angel that you've lost.

Some rainbow baby names reference the hope you feel at welcoming your baby, while others symbolise the beautiful colours a rainbow shines.

Rainbow baby names for girls

  • Allegra - joyful
  • Amitola - Native American for rainbow
  • Amy - beloved
  • Angela - angelic
  • Beatrice - bringer of joy
  • Cerys - love
  • Celia - heavenly
  • Felicity - happiness
  • Florence - flourishing
  • Grace - grace from God
  • Helena - bright light
  • Iris - a Greek rainbow goddess
  • Joy - feeling joyous
  • Lucinda - light
  • Nadia - hopeful
  • Nina - priceless
  • Phoebe - bright and shining
  • Raphaela - gift from God
  • Rose - french for pink
  • Victoria - to be victorious
  • Vita - life
  • Violet - a purple colour

Rainbow baby names for boys

  • Anthony - priceless
  • Benedict - blessing
  • Beau - pronounced 'bow' like rain-bow
  • Cadeau - gift
  • Enfys - Welsh for rainbow
  • Felix - fortune
  • Grant - as in to be 'grant'ed another life
  • Hari - bright colour
  • Indigo - a deep blue colour
  • Luca - bringer of light
  • Phoenix - rising bird
  • Raine - like 'rain'-bow
  • Tate - colour
  • Theodore - gift

Let us know if you use any of these rainbow baby names, or if you can think of some ideas that we haven't got in the comment box below!


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