Ruth Langsford becomes tearful discussing losing her dad to dementia on This Morning

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  • Ruth Langsford had to fight back tears on This Morning after discussing a dementia Emmerdale special and the relation to her late father.

    This Morning presenter Ruth became emotional on air when discussing a dementia-focused Emmerdale special with actor John Middleton.

    Ruth became tearful as she revealed details of her father’s own battle with dementia, switching from presenter to guest, as husband Eamon Holmes interviewed her alongside guest John Middleton.

    John was appearing on This Morning to discuss his character Ashley’s story line, who suffers with dementia, ahead of the Emmerdale dementia special that aired on Tuesday night.

    Throughout the special, events are shown through the eyes of John’s character, Ashley, as he suffers with dementia. John explained how this is supposed to be an educational element to the show, ‘Tonight’s episode will be different because we will try to show the world how Ashley sees the world. You get to see the distorted view he has because of the disease.’

    ‘At one point, he think he is fully clothed but everyone else can see he is in pyjamas.’

    Ruth sat with John and gave a perspective from a family member, speaking about losing her dad at the age of 57 in 2012 after his battle with Alzheimers (the most common cause of dementia).

    Understandably Ruth became tearful, admitting ‘I’m fine but I do get a bit upset when I talk about my dad. It is a massive issue and I’m glad that we are talking more about it.’

    Commenting on the scenes that John described, Ruth said, ‘Scenes like that really hit home for me, as someone who watched a family member suffer. So many things hit true. That money scene really spoke to me as my dad – a very bright man – would hold out his hand and say “take what you want” as he didn’t understand money anymore.’

    John continued, ‘It is important for people to help. Don’t just make assumptions, try and help.’

    Ruth explained, ‘It is really hard to understand the person struggling with dementia. My dad was there in body, the shell of my dad, but his mind wasn’t there. He had no idea who I was and it was so painful.’

    Praising the show Ruth said, ‘What really struck home with me in tonight’s episode is the fear that your portrayed. I used to see that in his eyes a lot.’

    ‘I would like to say thank you from families because it’s not every day that this gets represented well and you have actually done that.’

    Speaking to Ruth, John replied, ‘That’s the best award I could possibly imagine or ask for, thank you.’