Sainsbury’s store launches ‘slow shopping’ hours to help elderly and disabled customers

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  • The weekly food shop might seem like a chore to most, but for older people and those with mental and physical disabilities, a trip to the supermarket can be extremely difficult.

    That’s why a Sainsbury’s in Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has introduced ‘slow shopping’ sessions to make the whole experience a bit easier for the elderly and disabled.

    The slow shopping, which takes place on Tuesdays from 1pm-3pm, has chairs placed at the end of aisles to help people who can’t stand up for the whole of their shop.

    Staff will greet shoppers at the entrance and are on hand to give help when it’s needed.

    There are also two help desks, which give out samples of some favourite snacks, including Victoria sponge and ginger biscuits.

    The idea for slow shopping came from Katherine Vero, from Newcastle, who wanted to make shopping easier after her mum was diagnosed with dementia.

    She said: ‘My mum used to love shopping, but as her dementia developed it became increasingly difficult and stressful for us both.

    ‘When she passed away I wanted to make the experience better for other people.

    ‘I was delighted when Sainsbury’s agreed to help me trial it. I hope other retailers will follow.’

    Scott McMahon, deputy manager of the Sainsbury’s launching the trial added his support. He said: ‘When my father developed cancer, I saw how hard he found shopping yet he still wanted to go to maintain his independence, so when Katherine approached me about trialling Slow Shopping I was keen to help.’

    According to research by The Alzheimer’s Society, an overwhelming eight out of 10 of the 850,000 living with dementia in the UK put shopping down as their favourite activity. However, despite enjoying shopping, one in four people with the people had given it up.

    The slow shopping trial starts Tuesday 30th August, and you can find out more about the campaign on the slow shopping campaign website.

    What do you think of the ‘slow shopping’ idea? Would you like to see it introduced at your local store? Let us know in the comments below