‘It’s what our boobs are for!’ Sam Faiers reveals why she wants to normalise breastfeeding

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  • Sam Faiers has opened up about why she thinks it’s so important to normalise breastfeeding, and how by sharing photos of her feeding son Paul, she hopes to encourage other mums to feel comfortable doing the same.

    Mum-of-one Sam gave birth to son Paul in December 2015, and since then it seems the TOWIE star has been criticised constantly for her parenting style.

    From her technique for carrying Paul to the way she straps him into his car seat, it seems parent everywhere have had something to say.

    But it’s Sam’s stance on breastfeeding that has been cause for most of the controversy, with many parents either judging or praising her approach.

    In an interview with HuffPost UK, Sam revealed why she thinks it’s so important to normalise breastfeeding, and how she feels about being a role model for mums everywhere.

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    ‘I do want to normalise breastfeeding, I don’t know why people don’t think it’s normal.

    ‘I just don’t understand it because mums posts pictures of their babies with a bottle or a dummy so why should it be different for a boob?

    ‘That’s what our boobs are for.’

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    Revealing why she chooses to share snaps of herself feeding Paul, Sam said: ‘In a way, I like posting pictures when I do because it’s more to encourage new mums.

    ‘So many young mums don’t see breastfeeding as an option, but I think it’s so much easier to breastfeed if you are able to.

    ‘I just think breastfeeding is so normal. Millions and millions of mums do it, it’s the most natural thing you can do as a woman.’

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    Sam added that when she’s out in public, she does sometimes choose to cover up: ‘I sometimes use a shawl because I feel more comfortable,’ she said.

    ‘Or I’ll put my back to the restaurant if I’m eating but it’s whatever suits you and however you feel comfortable.’

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