Short baby names: The three-letter name trend that's taking over the most popular charts

Max, Eli and Rae, your time has come.

Looking for a short baby name for your little one? We've got lots of short and sweet names for both boys and girls.

Choosing a baby name that's unique, but not too out there, isn't easy for expectant parents. You spend hours (days, weeks... ) scrolling through websites and most popular baby name lists, waiting for inspiration to strike, and still you feel like all of the best options have become far too common.

In the past decade, lots of mums and dads-to-be have tried to personalise their baby's name by adding or changing letters to make it more unusual.

However, the tide is turning, and now parents of newborns are heading in the opposite direction; they're beginning to choose short, snappy baby names for their bundles of joy, often with three letters or less.

Baby naming experts Nameberry explain, 'Mini names are having a moment. Mia and Ava rank in the US girls' Top Ten, and names like Max and Leo, Ian and Eli are all popular for boys. It's a minimalist approach to naming children, and a stylish one, too.'

Parents who choose short, two-or-three-lettered names for their baby are said to be fans of a uncluttered approach to life, and parenthood. Plus, they make teaching the tot how to spell their name an absolute doddle!

Are you convinced to choose a short baby name for your little one? Here are some ideas that aren't ranking in the top 10 lists - yet!

Short baby names for girls

  • Ada
  • Ann
  • Asa
  • Bay
  • Bea
  • Dee
  • Eve
  • Gem
  • Gia
  • Ida
  • Ivy
  • Jo
  • Joy
  • Kit
  • Liv
  • Lou
  • Mae
  • Rae
  • Sky
  • Uma

Short baby names for boys

  • Ari
  • Ben
  • Bo
  • Bob
  • Cal
  • Dan
  • Dax
  • Eli
  • Gus
  • Ian
  • Jay
  • Lee
  • Max
  • Nic
  • Ray
  • Rex
  • Seb
  • Tom
  • Ty
  • Zac

Have you chosen a short baby name for a member of your family? Or is there one you love that you think we need to add to our list? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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