18 signs your mum is your best friend

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  • Everyone thinks their mum is the greatest, but you know it’s the truth when it comes to yours – because she’s not just your mum, she’s your BFF too.

    From catching up on the latest gossip to binge-watching TV shows together, there’s nothing the pair of you won’t enjoy when you’re in each other’s company, and she’s your favourite partner-in-crime whatever the occasion.

    Here are 18 key signs your mum is your best friend:

    1. She’s the first person you call when anything BIG happens, at any time of the day or night

    Sometimes she even knows stuff before your significant other. Sorry hubs.

    2. She’s brutally honest with you, even when she knows you ‘don’t want to hear it’

    Because usually, you NEED to hear it.

    3. No food you’ve ever eaten in the world will ever taste as good as hers

    Especially the cakes. What is this culinary wizardry and why didn’t we inherit it?!

    4. She’s the only person who can actually calm you down when you’re mad

    Mainly because she’s smart enough not to actually say ‘calm down’, the two most infuriating words in the English language.

    5. She’ll support you in anything and everything you want to do…

    She won’t ever stop being your cheerleader, no matter how old you get.

    6. …and give you the BEST life advice along the way

    She’s ALWAYS right – annoying when you were younger, but now it’s all of the guidance you’ll ever need.

    7. You can tell her anything

    No story is too shocking, no problem too embarrassing. You know she’ll take all of your secrets to the grave.

    8. But quite often she’ll know things before you even open your mouth anyway

    Are all mums mindreaders, or is it just ours?

    9. She’ll defend you in absolutely any situation

    Her love for you is lioness-strong, and she’ll go straight after anyone who’s attacking her cub.

    10. No one can make you laugh as long or as hard as her

    Always with her, never at.

    11. She’s your number #1 choice of shopping partner

    Yes she will tell you you look bad in that dress, but only because she knows you’ll look amazing in the next one.

    12. You both have an intimate knowledge of each other’s friendship groups

    You can hang out seamlessly with hers, and vice versa.

    13. You watch the same TV shows, and get together to compare notes

    Your opinions on GBBO contestants rarely differ, and neither of you could BELIEVE the plot twist at the end of the last season of Downton.

    14. You actually like the presents you buy for each other

    You know her so well that choosing for her is as easy as choosing for yourself.

    15. She’s seen you at your absolute worst, and still loves you anyway

    Mums HAVE to forgive your flaws, because often they’re their flaws too.

    16. You talk to her as often as possible

    When it’s more than a couple of days, you know something’s missing.

    17. You’ve started using her catchphrases with your own kids

    Even though you swore it’d never happen, you’re probably turning into her.

    But that’s okay, because…

    18. She’s your favourite person in the world

    And you can’t wait to grow up and be just like her.