Spider mask face paint

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  • Transform your daughter into Spider Woman with this pretty Halloween face paint idea - it's easier than it looks to paint. You'll need silver, purple, black and red face paints for this Spider face paint design

    If you’ve got a teenage daughter she’ll appreciate a bit of help with one of our great Halloween face paint ideas. Transform her into Spider Woman with our pretty spider’s web face paint design that’s easier to create than it looks.

    Little girls will love this face paint idea too and if you’re accompanying your child to keep a safe eye on them when they go trick or treating in the dark, join in the fun and get dressed up too because this spider mask face paint is grown up enough for mums.

    To paint the spider mask, find a comfortable place to work and cover surfaces in case of spillages and messy hands. Using a water-based face paint is best as they wash off your child’s skin easily with soap and water. Face paint is safe to use on most skin types but always do a patch test of the paint on the back of your child’s hand. If there is no reaction in an hour or so it should be safe to use. Wash the paint off with soap and warm water immediately if your child does experience any discomfort.

    To create the spider mask face paint idea you will need:

    • A pot of clean water
    • Water-based face paint in silver, metallic purple, black and red
    • Face painting sponges
    • 1 thick, no.3 round paintbrush

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